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CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk to Appear in Variety Show "Crime Scene"

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Kang Min Hyuk of the flower boy band CNBLUE will appear as a guest for the second time on the jTBC variety program "Crime Scene."

On the episode that will air on May 31, Super Junior M's Henry will guest for the second time and the show will reveal the true culprit of the "Art Room Murder case." Kang Min Hyuk was on episode 5 of "Crime Scene" that aired on May 28.

Kang Min Hyuk lit up the faces of Park Ji Yoon, NS Yoon G and Lim Bang Geul, who are the fixed members of "Crime Scene," with his unique eye smile and kind attitude. The female participants asked "Don't we have to go out tonight to dine?" and they even asked the production team to go out to eat.

In a prior interview with the production team, Kang Min Hyuk's desire showed when he said "I normally enjoy thriller movies and fantasy novels. Though I like computer games and drinking games, I want to appear in "Crime Scene" just once, as it has elements of a role playing game and a reasoning game. Kang Min Hyuk, who captured the hearts of female viewers with his previous appearance, will partake in the reasoning battle of the Small Weapon Murder, which each members distrust towards one another will not discontinue.

"Reasoning Game - Crime Scene" bills itself as the nation's top "RPG Reasoning Game." The six participants on the show are regarded as suspects for a mysterious murder case that happened at a specific time, and their job is to remove the accusation of being the murderer while trying to find the true culprit who is acting innocent. The show airs every Saturday at 11 PM.

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