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Jin Yi Han Talks About Acting in “Empress Ki” in bnt International

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Actor Jin Yi Han has been a hot topic for the manly charms displays in his fashion pictorials. He also expressed his thoughts about acting in “Empress Ki” as well as his dancing skills on variety shows.

It’s hard to see the various charms that he has through dramas, but through this photo shoot, he showed a silly side of him as well as a sexy side where his manly charms was revealed.

For this photo shoot, Jin Yi Han wore a loose black shirt with jeans, showing off a natural look. According an official that was at the photo shoot, they said, “Whether he’s eating a lollipop playfully or sitting on a sofa and reading a magazine comfortably, it seemed like this was his everyday life. He was able to express this through his expressions and poses, making it an enjoyable photo shoot.”

After the photo shoot, Jin Yi Han was interviewed and he expressed his thoughts regarding “Empress Ki.” He said, “I want to act with Ha Ji Won again. Although there was a controversy, ‘Empress Ki’ is a project that means a lot to me. Edward Norton and Johnny Depp are actors that inspire me.”

Continuing on, he was asked about his dancing skills on “Happy Together” and “Quiz to Change the World,” and answered by saying, “I started practicing after I watched Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk during my sophomore year in high school. I had to teach myself to dance,” making the staff laugh.

During the interview, he also revealed celebrities he was friendly with. He said, “I’m personally close with JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong and actor Hong Suk Chun. I’m also close with actor Lee Chun Hee and Joo Jin Mo.”

You can check out the photo below as well as a video of the behind scenes of the photo shoot!

jin yi han_bnt (1)

jin yi han_bnt (2)

jin yi han_bnt (3)

jin yi han_bnt

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