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Lee Hyori Opens Up Her Very Own Blog, Shares Bits and Pieces of Her Personal Life

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Singer Lee Hyori has started up her own blog and revealed her relaxing newlywed life on Jeju Island.

On May 28, the singer wrote a post about discovering a secret spot of her own, attached with a photo in which she is wearing a plain and modest outfit and covering her face with a wide-brimmed hat. The pictures she has posted are drawing attention for showing a carefree and simple appearance, which is the opposite of her glamorous self on stage.

Hyori also revealed a photo of her husband, Lee Sang Soon, as he roasts coffee beans in a pan on a burner, with the description, “Oppa, who is directly roasting coffee in the backyard.”

Additionally, she has posted, “Quiet morning, today’s breakfast is bread, eggs, apples, and lentil beans,” and a picture of a light breakfast consisting of various food.

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon held their wedding on Jeju Island on September 1 of last year. Following their marriage, they have been enjoying a rustic newlywed lifestyle.

Check out the brand new blog for yourself here!
lee hyori blog

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