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Wheesung Will Release a Music Video for Movie "High Heel"

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Singer Wheesung has collaborated with upcoming film "High Heel" for a music video for his song "I Don't Want To Know," to be released on June 5.

The music video for Wheesung's "I Don't Want To Know" will show scenes from the movie "High Heel." Directed by Jang Jin and starring Cha Seung Won, "High Heel" tells the story of the "perfect man" Ji Wook, who secretly longs to be a woman. Photos of Cha Seung Won in drag were released earlier. 

"I Don't Want To Know" is a song on Wheesung's latest mini album "The Best Man." The sad lyrics and melody of the song go really well with the premise of the movie.

The music video of "I Don't Want To Know" for "High Heel" will be released on June 5, a day after the movie opens in theaters on June 4.

Cha Seung Won High Heel

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