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Dal Shabet Member Subin’s Surgery a Success

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Dal Shabet member Subin has successfully undergone surgery following a traffic accident which left her hospitalized last week, it has been revealed.

A spokesperson for the hospital where Subin is receiving treatment for injuries to her leg and hip, in Seoul’s Gangnam District, explained, “Subin’s surgery went well. She is now resting, and she will need to focus on her recovery.”

The singer was in the operating room for a total of one hour on May 28. The operation began at 1:30PM and finished at 2:30PM, with no complications reported.

A spokesperson for Dal Shabet’s talent agency, Happy Face Entertainment, told the media that it may be some time before Subin returns to action. “We have to be extremely careful now,” said the representative. “If she starts performing again too soon, it could further delay her recovery. Vigorous activity like dancing seems to be out of the question, so it is best if we put all of Subin’s activities on hold for a while.”

The traffic accident occurred in the southern city of Ulsan on May 23, after filming reality show “Nine to Six 2.” Subin was first hospitalized in Ulsan, before being transferred to the hospital in Seoul where a decision was made that she would undergo surgery.

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