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Boyfriend's Twins Kwangmin and Youngmin Join Twitter and Reveal "Obsession" Teasers

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After revealing members Jeongmin and Minwoo's teasers yesterday, boy group Boyfriend continues to tease fans for their impending comeback "Obsession" with photos from the twins Kwangmin and Youngmin!

The photos, following the same black and white theme, shows off the boys's new dark and mature styles. This concept seems to be a complete change from Boyfriend's cutesy image from their debut track, "Boyfriend."

The two have also opened brand new Twitter accounts to relay their thanks to fans. On May 27, Kwangmin wrote, "I just opened my personal Twitter account! I'll promise to always update in the future, follow follow follow~~~ me~~!" Youngmin expressed a similar sentiment, writing, "I finally have my own account. I'm so confused but please help me out, everyone!"

Jeongmin, who joined Twitter yesterday, tweeted a photo of the twins relaxing on their phones, with "Twin power!" Looks like we can expect more updates from the members soon!


The members will be celebrating their second mini-album "Obsession" with a premiere showcase on June 9. Meanwhile, check out the photos and let us know what you think of their new concept!


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