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Baby Kara Cries from the First Mission in "Kara Project"

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The Baby Kara members cried from the first broadcast.

On May 27, MBC Music airs the first episode of "Kara Project," in which the seven trainees dubbed as Baby Kara carry out their first mission to become new members of Kara.

On the day of their first mission, the members were in a situation in which they didn't know when, where and what they would be doing. The perplexed Baby Kara members prepared clothes and received makeup, and after being taken by bus, they were given a notice by the production team out of the blue.

Right after, the members went to a stage with a full audience and performed for the first time with the judges seated somewhere in the crowd judging the Baby Kara members.

The Baby Kara members were mentally shaken at the sudden news of there being a performance, but despite their anxiety, the members successfully completed their first mission stage without any major mistakes after practicing day and night for a week. The Baby Kara members confirmed their potential to the audience with their first stage.

However, within the praise the members received for their exceptional ability, the judges also gave harsh criticism, letting the Baby Kara members know the endless competition to becoming a member of Kara will have its joys and sorrows.

On the other hand, "Kara Project" will reveal unaccompanied dances, tearful acting, tearful stories of the three-plus years as trainees, and various back stories. The first episode airs May 27 at 6 PM KST.



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