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Jang Nara Looks Cute in First Stills of “Fated to Love You”

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Actress Jang Nara has made a shocking change as the “four eyes with no existence.”

On May 27, still cuts of Jang Nara playing the main female character, Kim Mi Young, was revealed for MBC’s new drama, “Fated to Love You.”

In the drama, Jang Nara plays an ordinary character from a small island called Yeo Wool Island. Her character has ordinary looks, education, abilities, and works as a contract staff where she has no existence within the company. Then one day, she wins a plane ticket to Macau where her life changes 180 degrees. The ordinary girl suddenly turns into a rich housewife within one day.

In the revealed cuts, Jang Nara is seen wearing round, geeky glasses with a scarf that would put her first place in the tacky fashion list. You can feel the uneasiness from the stills as she’s seen carrying a handful of take-out coffees and donuts.

She carries the coffees and donuts as if they were handbags and looks as if she’s a delivery woman. Jang Nara has changed from her usual baby face image into a tacky, ordinary girl.

According to an official, they stated that, “In order for Jang Nara to express Kim Mi Young, she started learning the Gyeongsang Province dialect right after casting. She has improved a lot that it almost seems like lived there for a long time. She worked closely with the staff from the glasses to the socks and every details to express her character as best as she can.”

Meanwhile, “Fated to Love You” will air its first episode on June 7, after “A New Leaf” ends.

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