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Kang Sora’s Fan Club Show Their Love Through a Moving Buffet

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Actress Kang Sora and her fans gave a present to the staff of “Doctor Stranger” by providing a moving buffet and a coffee car.

Currently, SBS’s “Doctor Stranger” is first in viewer ratings, and for that, Kang Sora’s fans showed their support for the staffs and the other actors by providing a moving buffet and a coffee car.

Within the drama, Kang Sora plays a doctor named Oh Soo Hyung, who’s sarcastic and cold, but also warm and down to earth. On May 25, her fans made arrangements to have the moving buffet and the coffee car delivered to the filming location.

In order to express their gratitude towards the staff and her fellow actors, they prepared a huge moving buffet, deserts and coffee, cheering on the hardworking staffs and actors.

The staff got a big laugh as the fans made a banner of the dialogue that Kang Sora’s character is famous for within the drama. They used dialogues like, “You can have it!” and “You eat it.”

As Kang Sora ate with her fans, she expressed her gratitude and couldn’t stop smiling from the support of her fans. Also, Kang Sora’s fan gave her a present box and she showed her fans love by sitting on it and posing for the camera. She also took pictures with her fans that showed up at the filming location.

Kang Sora’s fans left a message for the staff that said, “We will always remember the hard work that the actors, the director and the staff put in to make it possible for us to watch this drama. We believe that this drama will definitely be the best drama of 2014 and will continue to show our support.”

The staff expressed their gratitude by saying, “It’s all thanks to Kang Sora and her fans that we were able to eat this really delicious food and coffee. We will pay back her fans by working harder on the remaining episodes and showing a good drama."

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