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Suzy Appears in a Sexy and Refreshing Sprite Commercial

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“Korea’s first love,” a.k.a. Miss A’s Suzy, released a new commercial advertisement through Sprite which was uploaded on May 24 to Youtube.

In the commercial Suzy wears a sleeveless white top and blue jean shorts, and flaunts her sexy charm. She smiles mischievously as she spies a handsome man sitting in a hot subway car, dripping with sweat. Suzy asks him “Shall we take a Sprite shower together?” and uncaps a cold bottle of the soda, releasing a refreshing downpour that soaks everyone in the car as they dance together to music. The commercial ends with the announcement that “This stop is ‘Sprite,’” and Suzy disembarking… but not without one last lingering look at the viewer.

Netizens who saw the commercial remarked “Suzy is innocent but sexy,” “Suzy’s commercial is awesomely refreshing,” and “If I see a girl like Suzy I’m going to fall in love with her."


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