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Wheesung Is More Interested in Money Than Women?

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Singer Wheesung has openly confessed that he would rather earn money than date women.

To promote his new album, he was a guest on SBS PowerFM's "Jung Sun Hee's a Night Like Today" on May 25.

As MC Jung Sun Hee asked, "When was the last time your heart pounded very fast?" Wheesung replied, "Recently, I have experienced that only while doing aerobic workout. I think I have never been less interested in women. Due to this, I become a bad guy whenever I meet people, even if I don't mean to. I am not interested in even meeting women," and opened up about his complete lack of interest in dating.

"All of your dating cells must die out," the MC said and expressed her concern, but Wheesung responded, "No can do. I prefer money over dating. That is why the last track on my album is called 'Must Earn Money.' That is how you can become 'The Best Man,'" the singer added by wittily referring to the songs on his album.

After a long hiatus, Wheesung recently released his new mini album "The Best Man" and is currently promoting the title track "Night and Day."

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