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EXO-K Wins SBS Inkigayo 05.25.14, Performances from Fly to the Sky, INFINITE, Hyosung, Jiyeon and More!

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This week's episode of SBS' "Inkigayo" featured many hot comeback and stages from K-Pop's hottest stars. Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Woo were special MCs today, substituting for Baekhyun and Suho. They joined regular MCs Kwanghee and Lee Yoo Bi.

Fly to the SKY, INFINITE, Jeon Hyosung, Jiyeon, G.NA, Wheesung, A Pink, Akdong Musician, Jungigo, 15&, Phantom, 4Men, NC.A, Eddy Kim, BTL, Bay.B, Lunafly, and Tint took to the stage to the enthusiastic cheers of fans.

EXO-K ("Overdose"), IU ("My Old Story"), and Wheesung ("Night and Day")were the runner ups for no.1 this week, with EXO-K winning. Congratulations, EXO! EXO-K was not available to perform due to EXO's concert today, and IU is not promoting her new album on TV. Suho and Baekhyung did promise in a special video message during today's episode that they would perform a special ceremony if they win no.1. They also gave advice to Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Woo on how to handle Kwanghee and Lee Yoo Bi.

EXO-K wins no.1

Performances will be updated as made available

Wheesung "Night and Day"

Fly to the Sky "You You You" comeback stage

INFINITE "Memories" and "Last Rome" comeback stage

INFINITE comeback interview. Seo Kang Joon asks if INFINITE live a dorm together too, and Sunggyu replies yes, but they all have separate rooms. Seo Kang Joon states he would be roommates with member L if possible since they did a drama together ("Cunning Single Lady"), but they didn't get to become friends. 

Jeon Hyosung "Goodnight Kiss" debut stage

Jiyeon "Never Ever" debut stage

G.NA "G.NA's Secret" debut stage

A Pink "Mr. Chu"

Akdong Musician "Give Love"

Junggigo "Want U"

15& "Sugar"

Phantom "Seoul Lonely" comeback stage featuring AOA's Hyejeong

4Men "Erase"

NC.A "I'm Different"

Eddy Kim "The Manual"

BTL "Too-G"

Bay.B "Quecera Cera" debut stage

Lunafly "Special Guy"

Tint "Wolf Is Stupid"

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EXO-K Wins Music Core with "Overdose," Comeback Stages by Infinite, Fly to the Sky, Phantom, Jiyeon 

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