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SHINee's Jonghyun Makes a Surprise Appearance at IU's Concert!

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On May 22, IU held the first of eight concerts titled "Just One Step...Just as Much as That." The singer, who recently released her remake album called "Flower Bookmark," planned to meet fans on a more intimate level by holding eight concert at Sogang Univrsity's Mary Hall. Unlike the typical grand scale concert, "Just One Step...Just as Much as That" will be held at a mini theater in which fans could have a closer experience with the singer through music and conversation.

flower bookmark

Fans had the treat of hearing IU's first live performances of the seven remake songs in her recent album as the mini theater became filled with a mixture of IU's beautiful voice and fans' voices of support. However, fans were also able to see a special guest who came to support IU's first mini theater concert. Who was that special person? It was none other than SHINee's Jonghyun! The singer appeared on stage as a special guest to congratulate IU on her first mini theater concert. 

For the next two weeks, IU will hold one concert a day from every Thursdays through Sundays; the last of the eight concerts will be held on June 1. 

Have you heard IU's new remake album yet? There's a good reason why the singer's remake songs are hitting high ranks on online music charts! 

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