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Actor Lee Min Ho Respectfully Honors Fan Who Passed Away

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Actor Lee Min Ho sent his deepest condolences to a fan who unfortunately passed away.

On May 23, the actor posted a message on his Facebook to honor the fan, “I will remember you. I’m sorry for not being able to be your hope until the end. For the 5 years that you have shown me love, I will become an actor that can give back even more hopes, dreams, and happiness to everyone. I hope you are in a happier place.”

On this day, in the midst of filming for his movie, Lee Min Ho received the unfortunate news that a long time fan of his had passed away, and conveyed his sadness through his SNS.

A representative from the actor’s agency shared, “Lee Min Ho heard the sad news while working on the movie, so he decided to post the message after having mixed thoughts. Lee Min Ho had many opportunities to communicate closely with his fans through different events, fan signings, and fan meetings, and this fan attended every single one. The two would greet one another and ask about each other’s present condition. He had been aware that the fan was sick so he was very heartbroken to hear the news.”

With the message for his fan, Lee Min Ho also attached a photo, which is said to be a photo that the fan personally took.

The actor is currently in the middle of filming for the movie “Gangnam Blues.”

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