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JYJ's Kim Junsu Gives Intense Looks for Singles Magazine

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On the June 2014 issue of Singles Magazine, the singer-turned-musical actor Kim Junsu of JYJ had a photoshoot that highlighted his strong and soft features.

For this photoshoot, the fashion and lifestyle magazine brought the singer-musical actor to Macau.

In the interview, the singer-musical actor shared his thoughts on finishing the musical "December," his standards in choosing the musical projects he works on, and how he takes care of his voice.

"The musical industry gave me another chance to come out to the world. It's a field that treats you fairly. Whenever I come out during the curtain call, I'm happy," said Kim Junsu.

"The musical 'December' is a project wherein I learned a lot from. I came to like musicals more after I finished doing this project," he added, talking more about his passion.

Aside from the musicals, he also talked about his hip dances that he showed in the performances for his solo album. "Although I have been doing hip thrusts and dances little by little from way before, I was a bit embarrassed (then). But since the release of my solo album, I've done more hip dances so I didn't become embarrassed anymore," he explained, making everyone in the shoot location burst into laughter.

In related news, Kim Junsu successfully held his concert in Tokyo in front of 33,000 fans last May 13 to 15. He will meet his Japanese fans once again on May 22 until May 24 through his concert to be held at the Osaka-jō Hall in Osaka, Japan.

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