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What has Go Ara Got to Do with Henry Learning Korean?

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In the upcoming broadcast of the MBC variety program "Real Men" on May 25, Henry captures the attention of the squad commander after he mentioned that aside from being personally connected to Girls' Generation's Tiffany, he also has a special relationship with the actress Go Ara.

In the upcoming episode, Seo Kyung Suk, who is interested in the differences of the language used by Sam Hammington and Henry, will share the findings of his analysis.

Seo Kyung Suk came to the conclusion that Corporal Sam Hammington has learned Korean from men because of his manly and coarse language, while Henry, who uses a gentle and cute form of Korean, has learned Korean from girls.

Henry confirms the findings and said, "Right. I learned (Korean) from girls," gaining a lot of interest from his seniors in the barracks. When asked from whom Henry learned his Korean, the seniors in the barracks started getting excited when Go Ara's name came up.

"The first person I saw when I came to Korea was Go Ara. She was so pretty so I wanted to say something to her somehow but I didn't know how to speak Korean so I just said 'hello'," Henry said. 

Find out more about this "special" relationship between Henry and Go Ara in the episode of "Real Men" airing on May 25, 5:50 p.m. (KST).

Real Men

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