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Jung Kyung Ho Transforms into a Charismatic Fighter for "Endless Love"

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SBS released various stills of Jung Kyung Ho during the shoot for his new drama "Endless Love" on May 21. In the upcoming drama, Jung Kyung Ho plays Han Kwang Chul, a trouble maker-turned-mogul driven by his love for Seo In Ae (Hwang Jung Eum).

In a recent shoot for the drama, Jung Kyung Ho transformed into a fighter, showing off his action skills on the ring. Although it was a dangerous scene with many possible injuries, he wholeheartedly put himself into the role, according to staff members on the set.

Jung Kyung Ho's desperate but passionate looks in the pictures are raising curiosity on why he is on the ring and fighting.

Through "Endless Love," Jung Kyung Ho will be showing a charismatic bad boy side to him which he has never shown before in his previous projects.

"Endless Love" is a 50-episode period drama about the main characters' ambition and love set against the backdrop of Korean politics through the 1980's and the 90's. It is scheduled to premier on June 21.

Jung Kyung Ho Endless Love

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