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[movie 2002] Public Toilet 화장실, 어디에요?

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Jang Hyeok, Jo In Seong, Kim Yang Hee, Tsuyoshi Abe, Sam Lee


Public Toilet 화장실, 어디에요? (2002)

Starring: Jo In-Seong, Jang Hyeok, Kim Yang-Hee, Tsuyoshi Abe, Sam Lee

Director: Fruit Chan

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Runtime: 102mins

Production: Digital Nega

Distribution: A-Line

Language: Cantonese, English, Korean

Country: Hong Kong, South Korea


Our daily lives consist of clothing, eating, living, and moving. They also consist of defecating. Sleeping takes up about five percent of our lives, eating takes up about two and a half percent. Does defecating take up the same percentage as eating? A Chinese adage says, "we pass out as much as we ingest". From the dawn of time, people, rich or poor, have never stopped eating, and so have never stopped defecating. Public toilets are a necessity. They are for people with urgent needs to answer the call of nature. This film focuses on four different public toilets in four countries, to explore the four basic human emotions: excitement, anger, sadness, and happiness.

SOURCE : 화장실, 어디에요?

화장실, 어디에요?

화장실, 어디에요?

화장실, 어디에요?

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