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After School’s Nana Looks Lovely in “Allure” Magazine

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The pictorials for After School’s Nana have been revealed by “Allure Korea.”

In the June issue of “Allure Korea,” Nana was able to show her photogenic side, like the model she once was, earning praise from the staff.

Along with the photo shoot, an interview was held where she was asked about her thoughts of being second place in the “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013.”

Nana answered, “When I first heard the news I said, ‘No way, how did I become second place?’ The members had the same reaction. On one hand, it’s burdening but at the same time I thought it was an honor and was thankful for it. My parents were happier than me, so I was proud.”

Continuing on, she said, “Before, I got scared that people wouldn’t know who I was or that they would see me in a bad light. I was nervous and anxious then, but now, I’ve gotten comfortable and I enjoy the anxiety that I feel. The biggest change that I’m thankful for is the fact that I am able to enjoy working.”

You can check out Nana’s Seoul special pictorials and her interview in the June issue of “Allure Korea,” which will be available on the magazine’s website.

nana_allure korea

nana_allure korea3

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