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[Update] Bae Doona Confirms That She and Jim Sturgess Are Dating

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"Cloud Atlas" costars Bae Doona and British actor Jim Sturgess are dating?

One industry insider said on May 20, “They started off as friends, but now they are more than that. I say this with caution, but I believe they are dating.”

Another insider also said, “On May 19, Jim Sturgess attended the official screening for Bae Doona’s film ‘A Girl at My Door’ at the Cannes Film Festival, which seems like a public acknowledgement that they’re dating.”

The British actor made a surprise appearance at the screening for “A Girl at My Door,” where he greeted the movie officials and took a seat next to Bae Doona. The Korean actress will be holding an interview about her new film on May 20 with Korean reporters, where anticipation is high not only for her film, but whether or not she will reveal anything on her relationship with Jim Sturgess.

Bae Doona’s acquaintances said that she will most likely talk about the relationship.

The two actors met while filming for the 2012 Hollywood movie “Cloud Atlas.” Last February, the couple was caught on a date in LA, after which the actors denied any relationship rumors.

[UPDATE] In the midst of continuous rumors about her relationship with Jim Sturgess, Bae Doona has confirmed that she is indeed dating the British actor. During an interview for her movie, she said, "My former manager was the one that denied the previous rumors. Jim Sturgess is my boyfriend."

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Bae Doona and Jim Sturgess Spotted Together All Around Seoul


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