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10 Reasons to Bring Back '90s K-Pop Fashion

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Tired of seeing the same skinny jeans, short shorts, and well-tailored suits in K-Pop? Here are 10 reasons why '90s K-Pop fashion should be brought back.

1. We like playing peek-a-boo with our biases.

moon hee jun

2. We can go around asking, "Red pill or blue?"


3. Highlights are cheaper and less painful than full bleaching.

finkl hair

4. Faces look half the size without plastic surgery and Photoshop.

baby vox

5. No skinny jeans means no more Tumblrs dedicated to crotch shots. Or maybe not.


6. Girl groups can save money on leg makeup. 


7. Idols can help with sweeping the floor, both with their pants and hair.

90s kpop fashion soompi

8. Bloodshot eyes? No problem

seo taiji

9. Idols will never be cold in the winter.h.o.t

10. You can appear taller without shoe inserts.

Have any more interesting '90s K-Pop fashion to share? Tell us in the comments section below!

shin hyesung shinhwa only one

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