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Nicole Working with Hallyu Producer Lee Kyu Chang to Prepare for Solo Debut

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Former Kara member Nicole will be receiving help from famous Hallyu content producer, Lee Kyu Chang

According to Kin033 Entertainment, Lee Kyu Chang has been helping Nicole study and train in preparations to for her solo debut. Lee Kyu Chang was the bridge to connect Scooter Braun to PSY and played a crucial role in PSY becoming an international household name. Along with Lee Kyu Chang, Nicole is also working with director Ray Yeom.

After leaving Kara in the beginning of 2014, Nicole has been updating her fans with photos and videos, mostly centered around her taking dance lessons from choreographers like Jermaine Browne and Luam Keflezgy.

While some news sources were reporting that Nicole is preparing for a U.S. debut, other news sources are saying that Nicole is preparing for a Korean debut, with an open mind to expanding overseas. Nicole's recent tweet of "I was preparing for a solo Korean debut...but they're saying America;; I will work hard to prepare to meet everyone" seems to fit more with the latter. Either way, it looks like Nicole is working hard show a new self to her fans soon. 

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