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"Doctor Stranger" Publishes New Character Chart That Is as Simple as "A, B, C"

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Monday-Tuesday drama “Dr. Stranger” (script by Park Jin Woo, directed by Jin Hyuk) has released a chart that making the relationships between the drama's characters easy enough “to grasp with one eye.” The intelligent drama is centered on love and competition between members of a top medical team and a conspiracy that spans Korea from North to South and encircles the characters, including genius doctor Park Hoon, who plots to recover his lost love Jae Hee from North Korea, elite surgeon Han Jae Joon, and Prime Minister Jang Seok Ju.

The ties between the people surrounding Park Hoon are like a puzzle. Park Hoon has a competitive relationship with fellow doctor Han Jae Joon; he hates Cha Jin Soo; and future developments in his relationship with Jang Seok Ju, who is sent to North Korea, promise to be quite interesting.

Additionally, there is the issue of Park Hoon's first love Song Jae Hee and his unresolved feelings toward Myung Woo University Hospital anesthesiologist Han Seung Hee. By the fourth episode, with Seung Hee making an appearance on the scene and Jae Hee's whereabouts unknown, one is left wondering if they aren't in fact the same person. Park Hoon and Jae Joon's competition to be selected for Prime Minister Jang's surgical team also begins, evoking curiosity about with whom in the character chart they will team up as the plot develops.

“Dr. Stranger” has also attracted attention for the quality of its cast: Lee Jong Suk, Jin Se Yeon, Park Hae Jin, and Kang Sora play the leading roles while guest roles include Cheon Ho Jin, Jeon Kuk Hwan, Choi Jeong Woo, Kim Sang Ho, Park Hae Joon, Jeong In Ki, Nam Myung Ryeol, Hwang Dong Joo, Lee Jae Won, Han Eun Seon, Yoon Bora, and Kang Tae Hwan, among others. The actors enrich the story by throwing themselves into their roles, and expectations are growing high for this unconventionally entertaining drama.

A representative from “Dr. Stranger's” production company, Aura Media, promised that faithful viewers will be rewarded with future intrigue and continual plot twists set against a medical backdrop.

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