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SM Entertainment’s Performance Director Tweets About EXO’s Current Situation

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Greg Hwang, a choreographer at SM Entertainment, revealed his thoughts about the current EXO situation and Kris’s lawsuit.

스스로의 선택 그것이상 이하도 아니다. 같은 조건이지만 남아있는건 11 떠나려는건 1 ... 소수가 약하고 다수가 강하다는거?갑을관계? 내생각엔 이 상황에선 성립되지 않는다. 그냥 그사람의 선택인거다. 아무말없이 떠났고 나머진 혼란스럽고, 슬프다...

— Greg S. Hwang (@hydrayuge) May 17, 2014

On May 18, Greg Hwang posted on his personal Twitter, “It is his [Kris] own personal choice, nothing more and nothing less. Under the same conditions, 11 are staying and 1 is leaving…The minority is weak and the majority is strong? It’s the strong vs. the weak? I don’t think those things apply to this situation. It’s simply his decision. He left without a word and now the rest of them [EXO] are confused and sad…”

Earlier, on May 15, Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his exclusive contract with the company. In response to this, SM Entertainment revealed their position, “We are looking into the situation and we are taken aback. We will try our best to ensure that EXO’s activities will continue well.”

On May 11, Kris and the rest of EXO completed their comeback show in China and were scheduled to return to Korea the next day. However, Kris is still currently in China for the reason that he wants to spend time with his family there.

Meanwhile, EXO’s first solo concert “EXO FROM. EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET will go on as planned, with Kris's attendance uncertain, for three days on May 23-25 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium

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