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Henry Would Consider Introducing His Younger Sister to ZE:A's Park Hyung Shik

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Henry recently revealed his approval for Park Hyung Shik, enough to introduce his younger sister to him! 

On May 18, Henry gave an interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” while at the set of his first solo advertisement shoot. 

On that day, Henry revealed that his younger sister was none other than a Miss Toronto candidate. He said, “She participated without me knowing about it. She got third place. I was really surprised.” When asked which cast member from “Real Men” he would consider introducing to his younger sister, he said, “Well, Soo Roh hyung and Kyung Suk hyung are too old. Hyung Shik is really kind and looks after me. We’re also close in age. I think [she] would look best with Hyung Shik.” 

Henry also revealed that he had learned Chinese in Korea. Known for being fluent in seven different languages, Henry jokingly told the reporter, “I learned it at Gangnam station.”

When asked to describe the difference between Chinese fans and Korean fans, he said, “Chinese fans give you dumplings they made themselves. They give it to you while it’s hot. Korean fans have really loud voices I think.” 


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