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G.NA and Secret’s Hyosung Support Each Other’s Comebacks with a Photo Together

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On May 17, Cube Entertainment posted a photo of the two female solo artists with a message, “Two artists who are shaking up the music industry! These two beauties exchanged one another’s albums in the waiting room for ‘Music Core.’ The oldest and youngest of a group that once existed long ago have met again to take a dazzling picture together,” through their official Twitter.

In the revealed picture, G.NA and Secret's Hyosung, who both showed their comeback stages on this day, can be seen holding each other’s signed album and posing closely.

In the past, these two artists have previously shared time as trainees for a group that was preparing to make a debut, called Five Girls. Although the group was not able to debut, Five Girls is still known as a legendary group, as every member is now a part of their own respective groups that have debuted and are receiving love. Apart from G.NA and Hyosung, former members of Five Girls include Wonder GirlsYoobin, After School’s Uee, and Spica’s Jiwon.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Five Girls Jiwon, G.NA, Hyosung, Uee, and Yoobin as Five Girls[/caption]

Meanwhile, G.NA has comeback with a refreshing yet sexy charm for “G.NA’s Secret” (“Pretty Lingerie”), while Hyosung has debuted as a solo artist, flaunting her bold sexiness with “Goodnight Kiss.”

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