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MC Mong Plans to Make Comeback Only With Music and Not Variety Shows

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After signing a contract with Wellmade Yedang, it was announced that MC Mong would be returning to the music industry after a four year break from the entertainment industry. However, the singer's cautious comeback will only focus on music rather than variety shows. Back in 2010, the singer was accused of purposely extracting a tooth in order to be exempt from his mandatory military service. Although being found not guilty in 2012, the MC Mong had decided to leave the music world and continued to remain away from the spotlight. 

Thus, the upcoming comeback would be the singer's first album since his fifth album, "Humanimal," which was released in 2009. Despite having peaked in popularity for both his music and participation on variety shows such as KBS' "1 Night, 2 Days," MC Mong's 2014 comeback will focus on the singer meeting his fans through his new music. 

Yet, as MC Mong had been banned from appearing on two of the three main broadcast companies' shows, the singer may face difficulty in performing his song before his fans. Thankfully, during the past four years in which the singer had been away from the spotlight, cable and other television programming channels had been created, allowing for MC Mong to have more outlets to perform.

Fans can expect to be able to listen to MC Mong's new songs in 2014 as the singer plans to release his new album later this year.

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