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Rainbow's Go Woori and Vixx's Hong Bin Share a Strange Vibe Together?

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Recent photos captured a strange vibe between Rainbow's Go Woori and Vixx's Hong Bin as the two shared an ambiguous moment together. However, the photos were actually stills of the SBS weekend drama "Glorious Day." As last week's episode 6 introduced Hong Bin's character to Go Woori's character, it was predicted that the two would soon form a love line, making things even more complicated.

glorious day

As Go Woori plays Han Da In, the youngest of three daughters, the possible relationship between Han Da In and Hong Bin's character also foreshadowed the disapproval of Hong Da In's mother. Yet, despite the marriage dreams that Hong Da In's mother has for her three daughters, the drama will portray the unexpected love lines between the characters. 

With SBS' "Glorious Day" being Hong Bin's first drama, the Vixx member is lucky to have Go Woori, another fellow idol, help him before and during filming. We can't wait to see how Woori's and Hong Bin's love line blossoms!

SBS' 'Glorious Day" broadcasts ever Saturday and Sunday at 8:45 PM (KST).

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