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Younha Warns Netizens Who Commented with Malicious Words

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On May 16, singer Younha expressed her feelings towards the netizens who left her malicious comments.

On her Twitter, the singer warned, "Our society is so cheap towards each other. It is notably cheap on online communities that utilize anonymous identities. I hope that those people would think in the perspective of those arrows of hateful comments being pointed toward themselves, and try to be warmer to each other. Do you think personal attacks masked as criticism are valid? No one is going to harm you, so you don't need to be standing on the edge. Also, no one has the right to judge anyone else. Since everyone is valuable and honorable, don't live your life deluding yourself. This is possibly sympathy. We should try to live in a world which we embrace each other. That is the best! While trying to put each other down, you will be cursed more severely somewhere else."


The message that Younha wrote towards those who attacked the singer with hateful online messages displayed the constant battles celebrities face against anonymous netizens. We hope that Younha will grow stronger from this incidence. 

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