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Kim Tae Woo Wants Park Jin Young to Stop His JYP Whisper

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Singer Kim Tae Woo made a joke regarding the infamous whisper at the beginning of many JYP songs.

On May 15, the sixth episode of Mnet’s “Dirty Talk” was aired where they reviewed the lifespan of the next generation idols that has been created by major entertainment agencies. The groups they reviewed were idols that would keep the agency going for the next 10 years. SM’s EXO, YG’s Winner and JYP’s GOT7 were picked as the idols and they reviewed each of the group deeply.

During the recent recording, Duble Sidekick commented by saying, “YG gives each of their artists’ freedom based on their own knowledge and they center on their artists. On the other hand, JYP centers on Park Jin Young.”

Continuing on, he said, “The successes of male idols are based on the fights between their fandom. Based on how big their fandom is, the size of the concert and the volume of their album are decided.” Upon hearing this, Lee Sang Min turned towards Kim Tae Woo and said, “JYP is the weakest when it comes to taking care of their fandom, right?” which made Kim Tae Woo laugh from embarrassment.

Lee Sang Min continued on and asked, “Are there no conflicts between Park Jin Young and the artists when it comes to music?” Kim Tae Woo answered by saying, “Of course there is. Park Jin Young offers his style of music and his way of singing to the juniors. However, things always work out when he advises to do it a certain way. That proves that Park Jin Young is well-known about what the fans want.”

JYP is popular for its “JYP” music mark at the beginning of many songs. Kim Tae Woo sent a message to Park Jin Young about this by saying, “Hyung! I think you should stop doing this now,” making everyone in the studio laugh. Adding on to this, comedian Yoo Sae Yoon said, “Isn’t it illegal to mention the company name in a song?”

The sixth episode of “Dirty Talk” will be aired on May 15.

Do you guys think the "JYP" whisper should stop? Let us know what you think!

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