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Plastic Surgery Addicts Find Natural Beauty with “Back to My Face”

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The unique theme of the show “Back To My Face,” a program about restoring faces to their pre-plastic surgery appearance, is attracting the interest of netizens.

Even before the first episode was broadcast, an unofficial teaser video posted online had been viewed over 10,000 times. A second teaser video also registered 5,000 hits and the show has generated much excitement on the internet.

According to a representative of SBS, the show's distinctive subject is about healing wounds of the body and mind by restoring one's appearance from before cosmetic surgery. “Back To My Face” will depict the moving story of those who previous sought beauty through plastic surgery but now want to regain their natural faces.

Every episode will feature the participation of four to five women who have had surgery not less than 10 times each. No one who sees them will be able to say that they aren't beautiful, but these “specialists in plastic” will perform various suggested tasks and have the time to reflect seriously on their pasts before being presented with a final decision called “BACK OR STOP.” If a participant chooses “BACK,” she will have an opportunity to regain her natural face.

Excitement about the MCs selected for the show is also growing. MC Park Myung Soo (Infinity Challenge) and MC Horan (Clazziquai) stated that they think “Back To My Face” is especially necessary during this generation of widespread plastic surgery. Although they both admit to having undergone cosmetic procedures in the past, through this show they have once more come to reconsider the decision.

A representative for the show stated that “The plastic surgery restoration process is part of the program, but the main story is how the participants are able to overcome their emotional issues and appearance-related insecurities. Moreover, we have prepared many special features to be revealed during the show, such as a test to see if all 'plastic beauties' truly look the same, frank discussions with the participants about plastic surgery, and a surprise meeting with the naturally beautiful actress Ra Mi Ran.”

“Back To My Face” aired its first episode on May 11th at 11:15 PM KST on SBS.

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