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Ga In Speaks Out About Confirming Her Relationship With Joo Ji Hoon

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Brown Eyed GirlsGa In recently spoke out regarding the recent confirmation of her relationship with Joo Ji Hoon. On May 12, the singer left a message on her fansite, titled “Hello, this is Ga In.”

She said, “First of all, you must have been surprised. I feel that fans who have seen me since my debut regard me as a daughter they’re sending off to marriage. Fans who have known me for a long time know that I value my private life to the point of being selfish. Even so, you all are just as important to me as my friends and family.”

Ga In continued, “I believe that fans are, in some ways, a part of my private life. Because of that, no matter what people say, I want to be understood by you as well as try to help you understand me. Everyone said, ‘Just don’t get caught,’ so I tried really hard not to, but when we were caught, I couldn’t lie, either,” revealing the reason why she confirmed the relationship.

“You have liked me because of my honesty, and if I broke that trust, I didn’t think I would be able to show my face to you. Because lying becomes a habit. Anyway, it’s something I thought about a lot, and I will be honest in the future, as well.”

“I will work even harder in the future as a singer, to give back to you with good music.  Currently we have a lot of people working on the next album. This is all straight from my heart. I love you. Please believe me. I promise I’ll be a Son Ga In that’s always great to her fans.”

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