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Female Soloist Z.Hera Receives Belated Attention for Appearing on Buzzfeed’s Video

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17-year old female singer Z.Hera is receiving attention as being the first Korean singer to appear on the popular American social news site Buzzfeed.

You might have already seen the video as it was being shared left and right, on newsfeeds, through tweets and other corners of social media earlier last week- or maybe you haven’t. Titled “Having a Sister: Then and Now,” the short video takes sisters down on memory lane and have other folks wishing they’ve had sisters as well.

Some might notice that one of the three sisters appears in front of Coex Mall, an underground shopping mall located in Gangnam, Seoul, at around 33 seconds into the video. The person turns out to be Z.Hera.

A representative from Buzzfeed stated, “After producing videos in Korea, we thought that Z.Hera would be suitable as a rising K-Pop star in not just Korea, but also in China. Also, we admired her English skills. We’re happy that we were able to work with her.”

Z.Hera shared, “After appearing on Buzzfeed, many messages of support have poured in. I’m getting a lot of strength for my June comeback. I’m also thrilled because many artists from the States have made collaboration offers.”

Meanwhile, Z.Hera made her debut last year and quickly earned the nickname “the second BoA.” She is currently planning to make her comeback next month.

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