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S.E.S’ Shoo Reveals Pictures of Her Son

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Shoo, one of the original member of the girl group S.E.S, revealed the daily life of her and her family.

On Shoo’s blog, she recently uploaded pictures of her son Lim Yoo and her taking a walk. On her blog, she wrote, “I have been riding my bicycle with Yoo these days. But the ride uphill is really hard. Yoo, is it fun?”

In the pictures that she uploaded, Yoo is seen posing cutely for the camera. It seemed like Lim Yoo was enjoying his time with his mother as he’s smiling widely while on bicycle with his helmet on. In another picture, Lim Yoo is seen holding a puffed rice snack while holding a “V” sign enthusiastically.


On May 8, Shoo has also revealed small details of her life to her fans. She revealed that she was going to a beauty salon event by saying, “I realize this every time, but a beauty salon is a place of rest for women. A place to recharge,” revealing her feelings towards beauty salons.

Meanwhile, during April of 2010, Shoo married the pro basketball player Im Hyo Sung. She gave birth to her son Im Yoon during June of the same year. During July of 2013, Shoo gave birth to twin daughters Ra Hee and Ra Yool, making her a mother of three children.

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