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Ha Yeon Soo Gives Herself a Minus Grade in Acting

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Ha Yeon Soo received much love for her role as Min Sae Yi on Mnet's music drama "Monstar." Yet, the rising star began enduring obstacles through her new found fame as the attention also came with the baggage of judgement. Right after concluding the Mnet drama, Ha Yeon Soo was casted in the tvN sitcom "Potato Star."With the sitcom produced by Kim Byung Wook, who also produced the hit sitcom "High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged," many anticipated the actress to flourish substantially as a rising star alongside top actors such as Lee Soon Jae and Geum Bora.

ha yeon soo

Yet, perhaps its was the sudden attention to the rising star, but from the start Ha Yeon Soo seemed to struggle with her acting, as she seemed a bit awkward in some scenes, while in other scenes Ha Yeon Soo's previous "Monstar" character, Min Sae Yi, seemed to overlap with the actress' "Potato Star" character Na Jin Ah. Furthermore, despite the star studded cast, "Potato Star" did not receive as much attention and fame as was expected.

It wasn't until Ha Yeon Soo's character Na Jin Ah began to have a love line with actor Yeo Jin Goo's character that the actress began to seem more comfortable and natural in her acting. With tvN's "Potato Star" having wrapped up its 120 episode sitcom with the broadcast of its last episode on May 10, many can say that they  had seen improvement in the actress' acting. 

ha yeon soo yeo jin goo

Furthermore, in a recent interview with CBS No Cut News, Ha Yeon Soo expressed, "I feel pressured when given the role to act as any character. The more I had a taste for acting, the more I realized how much I lacked. By gaining more acting experience, I hope that I will not be embarrassed by my acting by the time I become 30 years old." In regards to grading her acting abilities, the actress commented, "In the beginning, I think my acting wasn't even a zero, but a minus. However, since I feel like people are viewing me as Na Jin Ah, I want to give myself a grade of 65."

We hope to see this young aspiring actor improve even more in the future. TvN's "Potato Star" ended after 8 months of broadcast with 120 episodes.

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