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Song Seung Hun’s Looks Unchanged Even After 18 Years

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Actor Song Seung Hun’s unchanged good looks have recently become a hot topic.

A collection of photos of the actor throughout the years was revealed online. In the photos, you can see that his good looks and trademark dark eyebrows have stayed consistent despite the number of years that have passed.

Although Song Seung Hun has played a wide range of characters—from a fresh, lively university student to a romantic ‘prince charming’—he has proven that his handsome looks remain the same though these pictures.

Song Seung Hun appeared as a guest on the May 7 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” where all four of the MCs acknowledged his good looks. It was his first appearance on a variety show in 13 years. He showed that he was even able to pull off the glasses that MC Kim Gu Ra was wearing, causing the other MCs to praise his looks to be even more handsome in person than on-screen.

Fans are showing much interest in the actor for aging so gracefully.
Song Seung Hun

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