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M.Pire Releases Teaser for Upcoming Single "Rumor"

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Idol group M.Pire will also be making a comeback this month with their third single, "Rumor." A teaser video was released through the official KT Music YouTube channel.

The teaser shows each member looking rather sweet and peaceful while a fierce looking woman prowls the halls. The video teaser also gives a glimpse into the different sets and choreography the music video will feature. 

"Rumor" is a guy explaining that while his girlfriend may seem innocent and shy in front of other people, when she's with him she has a lot of attractive charms. 

"Rumor" will be part of a single album of the same name, and be included with another track, "Becoming a Star." The music video for "Rumor" will be released on May 15, and the single will be in music stores on May 16. 

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