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Teen Top Attempts Skydiving for “Teen Top’s Never Stop in Guam”

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Most of the members of Teen Top decided to go outside of their comfort zone and do something exciting for their reality program “Teen Top’s Never Stop in Guam.”

Their agency released a photo of members C.A.P, Chun Ji, L.Joe, and Ricky holding onto their skydiving completion certificates before the episode with this scene airs. The members had different reasons to attempt skydiving.

“I want to get rid of my tendency to worry through skydiving,” shared L.Joe. Ricky inserted, “I want to overcome my fear of heights.” Chun Ji revealed, “I want to fly.”

Although the members looked nervous right before taking the dive, their distorted faces started to loosen up. They looked like they were starting to get the hang of it and enjoy skydiving.

“Teen Top’s Never Stop in Guam” is a program that has the group deciding on everything themselves on planning and carrying out the details of their trip. Viewers will be able to see a completely different side of Teen Top as they are in control of their schedules. You can also catch the Teen Top members immersed in the wilderness for a jungle adventure as well as enjoying a luxury sunset cruise.

The episode with the skydiving segment will air on May 10 at 11:10 p.m. (KST).

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