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November 24, 2010 [PREVIEW] Film "Villain and Widow" Reporter: Choi Ji-Eun five @ Editor: Heidi Kim heidikim @ <Ⓒ 10Asia All rights reserved> 10Asia Film "2 Story House" [sidus FHN]

March 6, 2018   Kim Hye-soo, Ha Jung-woo Honored as Faithful Taxpayers   Source: The ChosunIlbo   Actors Kim Hye-soo and Ha Jung-woo received presidential commendations o

EVENT: Quick Poll: Strong Female Leads in Dramas   Chingus, a new Quick Poll is up. Vote for your favorite strong and inspiring female leads     Your Event Organizers, @

Guest mandalaywith

29Th Blue Dragon Film Awards(20 Nov 08 )Main Mc is

Kim Hye Soo(김혜수)&Jung Joon Ho(정준호)

KBS2 Tv will Awards Live Show.

Kim Hye Soo&Jung Joon Ho together Mc is 7Years in this 2008.

They are best MC.i like they are


News Info source here - http://media.daum.net/entertain/movie/view...amp;p=SpoChosun

[제29회 청룡영화상] 김혜수-정준호 MC 커플 입담

김혜수 정준호 커플이 스크린 최고 은막 축제의 황금 콤비로 나선다.

 이들은 오는 20일 오후 7시25분 서울 여의도 KBS홀에서 열리는 제29회 청룡영화상 시상식을 함께 진행한다.

 올해까지 7년 연속 환상의 호흡을 맞추게 될 김혜수 정준호는 자타가 공인하는 최고의 MC 커플로

, 지난 6년간 무수히 많은 돌발상황을 함께 넘기면서 맞춰온 환상 호흡은 국내 최정상급 수준이다. 생방송 특성상 사전 리허설과는 180도 다른 상황이 벌어져도 당황하지 않고 시상식을 이끌어온 경험이 수차례다.

 특히 김혜수는 매년 화려한 의상 등 파격적인 스타일로 시청자들의 시선을 고정시켜왔다. 연예가 공인 트렌드세터답게 매년 유행을 앞서가는 드레스와 헤어스타일로 스포트라이트를 받았다. 또한 '청룡의 연인'으로서 재치 넘치는 현장 감각을 자랑하며 뛰어난 생방송 위기관리 능력을 자랑해왔다.

 7년 연속 남자 MC를 맡은 정준호는 친근한 이미지로 청룡 무대를 더욱 빛낸다. 금상첨화, 영화계 마당발답게 넒은 인맥을 자랑하면서 자칫 딱딱해질 수 있는 시상식을 화기애애하게 이끌어간다는 평을 받고 있다. 현장 분위기에 따라 자유자재로 나오는 애드리브는 때로는 동료 배우들을 당황시키며 객석에 폭소탄을 터뜨리게 하기도 한다.

 올 시상식 진행을 설레는 마음으로 준비하고 있는 김혜수는 "명실상부 국내 최고 축제와의 인연을 이어갈 수 있어 오히려 영광"이라고 말했고, 정준호는 "영화팬들과 함께 즐길 수 있는 행사가 되도록 최선을 다하겠다"고 출사표를 던졌다.

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:o Hope Kim Hye Soo gets better soon, sure hope to see her at the Blue Dragon this Thursday. She must be shaken, hopefully her injury is nothing serious. :sweatingbullets:

November 14, 2008

Celebrity Stand Collapses at Audi Launch

The launch ceremony of the new Audi A4, held on Thursday afternoon at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, was marred by the collapse of VIP stands near the stage, leaving a number of celebrities, including top actress Kim Hye-soo, injured. According to witnesses, the VIP seating stand collapsed at 8:10 p.m. when crowds swarmed towards the new Audi car as it appeared center stage.

Celebrities, including actresses Kim Hye-soo and Choi Kang-hee, and actors Jung Woo-sung, Lee Jung-jae and Ryu Seung-bum, were sitting in the VIP area. Some escaped the site unharmed, but others sustained minor bruising.

An Audi official said, “We are aware that one of the guests was injured, but none of the celebrities needed hospital treatment as far as we know.” A fireman said, “Two or three celebrities sustained light injuries, like scrapes.” One witness said, “The VIP seats looked like they were made of wood, but I think the stand collapsed under the pressure of the stampede.”

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com, thanks to melusine for the highlight



VOD clip from news.empas.com


VOD clip from news.empas.com

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Guest mandalaywith

29Th Blue Dragon Film Awards(20 Nov 08 )Main Mc is

Kim Hye Soo(김혜수)&Jung Joon Ho(정준호)

Kim Hye Soo&Jung Joon Ho together Mc is 7Years in this 2008.

They are best MC.i like they are.

2006,2007 in Readcarpet&Awards time in i see to Kim Hye Soo&Jung Joon Ho .

tommorrow one again see to they are. :rolleyes:

Tommorrow i will attented 29Th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

i will take up Kim Hye Soo&Jung Joon Ho pics.after i will upload here.^^

some share to 2007 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards Mc Kim Hye Soo,Jung Joon Ho Redcarpet&MC pics

pics credit- http://blog.daum.net/mandalaywith @soompi






more pics will update.

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6th Letters of Angels




Korean Media News ! News ! News ! News ! News ! News ! News ! News ! News

December 12, 2008

Celebrities Get Together for Adoption


Korea’s top celebrities have gotten together to take part in a photo exhibition to promote adoption. Voluptuous actress Kim Hye-soo, star of “The Chaser” Ha Jung-woo, singer Lee Seung-ki, actress Song Yun-ah were among some twenty celebrities who participated in the “6th Letters of Angels” photo exhibition sponsored by the social Welfare Society, Inc.

Cho Sei-hon, a famed photographer and the chief of Angel Village, took the heartwarming photos of celebrities with babies up for adoption. Having started back in 2003, the photo exhibition has featured numerous stars holding babies. So far 80 celebrities and 150 babies have been photographed for the exhibition, and 90% of the babies have been adopted. Kim Hye-su, in particular, has been rounding up support for the project, posting photos and articles about the exhibition on her personal homepage.

The exhibition will be held from December 17 through 23 at Insa Art Center in Seoul, and can also be viewed online at http://gallery.lovefund.or.kr.

Source: KBS World, image from empas.com


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