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Asia Contents Awards: http://asiacontentsawards-eng.com/
Busan International Film Festival: https://www.biff.kr/eng/

[BIFF Press Release] Busan International Film Festival - 2020.10.08

Asia Contents & Film Market 2020 Announces Nominees for the 2nd Asia Contents Award
The Asian Contents & Film Market announces nominees for the 2nd Asia Contents Awards, which will be held on October 25th. This year’s Asia Contents Awards will be broadcast online due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Asia Contents Awards recognizes outstanding Asian content from TV, OTT and other diverse platforms. Open calls for applications have been made this year with 75 submissions accepted from 17 countries. Preliminary and final selections have selected 28 works from 12 countries to compete in 7 categories. In addition, the three categories including the Lifetime Achievement Award, Excellence Award and Best Rising Star will be announced without nominees on the day of the ceremony.

The nine jurors for the final selection include Yao Chen, the winner of Best Actress in the Asia Content Awards 2019; Stephen Fung, a Chinese director and actor; Joo Chulhwan, a professor at Ajou University in Korea; and Terawaki Ken, a professor at Kyoto University of the Arts.

This year’s Asia Contents Awards nominees contain Korean dramas that have attracted many international and local viewers including The World of the Married, Crash Landing on You, When the Camellia Blooms, Kingdom S2, Hospital Playlist, Extracurricular and Hyena.

International nominees include Taiwanese drama The Victims' Game (five nominations), a story about a forensic detective with Asperger’s syndrome, and The Bad Kids (four nominations), a Chinese breakout OTT series released in the first half of 2020. Other nominated works from Asia include Japanese TV series Nagi’s Long Vacation and Solitary Gourmet S8; Singaporean TV series Last Madame; and Thai TV series One Year and In Family We Trust. 

The Asia Content Awards will strictly comply with government social distancing measures. To safely hold the ceremony, only the hosts and performers will be on the onsite venue; in addition, international and local awardees and recipients will attend online. Broadcasting online is expected to present a new aspect of the award in the era of the New Normal.

The ceremony will be hosted by Nichkhun, actor and a member of Korean boy band 2PM, and Kim Sae-yeon, the previous-year’s host and winner of the Miss Korea 2019 title. Performances to celebrate the awards will be given by Korean girl band Lovelyz and Kim Jae-hwan, who sings the original sound track from Crash Landing on You.

The 2nd Asia Contents Awards will be broadcast online at the official YouTube channel of the Busan International Film Festival on Oct 25th, 4 pm - 6pm (KST).
The 25th Busan International Film Festival will be held from Oct 21 to 30, 2020

Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) 2020 will be held from Oct 26 to 28
Asia Project Market (APM) 2020 will be held from October 26 to 28

The 2020 Asia Contents Awards Nomination List (Awards Category)



















‘The Victims’ Game’, ‘The Bad Kids’ head nominations for Asia Contents Awards




Busan’s Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) has announced nominees for the second Asia Contents Awards, with Taiwanese drama The Victims’ Game and Chinese OTT series The Bad Kids both garnering five nominations, including one each in the top best creative category.

Recognising outstanding Asian content from TV, OTT and other diverse platforms, the Asian Contents Awards received 75 submissions from 17 countries this year. The final selection has 28 works from 12 countries competing in seven categories.

Produced by Greener Grass Production and released on Netflix, The Victims’ Game is a story about a forensic detective with Asperger’s syndrome. It picked up nominations for Hank Tseng and Phil Tang in best creative, Joseph Chang for best actor, Liang Shu-ting and Hsu Ruei-liang for best writer, Moon Lee for best newcomer actress and one for cinematography in the Technical Achievement Award category.

Produced and released by iQiyi, The Bad Kids picked up a nomination for Dai Ying for best creative, one for best Asian drama, one for Wang Sheng-do for newcomer actress, one for Rong Zi-shan for newcomer actor, and one for production design in the Technical Achievement category.

Other nominees include Korean dramas such as Kingdom Season 2 with four nominations including for best Asian drama and The World Of The Married and Crash Landing On You with three nominations each. Thai TV series In Family We Trust picked up two nominations and Japanese TV series Nagi’s Long Vacation got one.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, Excellence Award and Best Rising Star will be announced without nominees on the day of the ceremony.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Awards will be broadcast online on the Busan International Film Festival’s official YouTube channel at 4-6PM (KST) on October 25.

The ceremony is to be hosted by Nichkhun, actor and a member of Korean boy band 2PM, and Kim Sae-yeon, last year’s host and winner of the Miss Korea 2019 title. Korean girl band Lovelyz and Kim Jae-hwan, who sings the original sound track from Crash Landing On You, will give performances.

The Awards will be complying strictly with government social distancing measures so only hosts and performers will be at the onsite venue and the rest of the participants will be attending online.

The 25th Busan International Film Festival will run October 21-30 with the ACFM October 26-28.


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November 24, 2010 [PREVIEW] Film "Villain and Widow" Reporter: Choi Ji-Eun five @ Editor: Heidi Kim heidikim @ <Ⓒ 10Asia All rights reserved> 10Asia Film "2 Story House" [sidus FHN]

March 6, 2018   Kim Hye-soo, Ha Jung-woo Honored as Faithful Taxpayers   Source: The ChosunIlbo   Actors Kim Hye-soo and Ha Jung-woo received presidential commendations o

EVENT: Quick Poll: Strong Female Leads in Dramas   Chingus, a new Quick Poll is up. Vote for your favorite strong and inspiring female leads     Your Event Organizers, @

Kim Hye-soo returns as police officer in ‘The Day I Died’

By Song Seung-hyun | Oct 9, 2020

(from left) Kim Hye-soo, Roh Jeong-eui, director Park Ji-wan and Lee Jeong-eun pose after a press briefing for “The Day I Died” (Warner Bros Korea)


Actress Kim Hye-soo, who played an impressive police officer in the hit TV series “Signal,” is returning to the big screen as a cop in “The Day I Died.”

“At first, I was aware of the fact that Hyun-soo is a police officer character (like Soo-hyun in Signal.) But for Hyun-soo, I could naturally focus more on portraying her emotions and less on her occupation,” Kim said during an online press briefing on Thursday. “I expect audiences will feel the same way when they watch the movie.”

“The Day I Die” depicts the story of Hyun-soo, a police officer who is investigating the case of a girl named Se-jin, played by Roh Jeong-eui, who disappeared off the edge of the cliff and left only a short note about ending her life behind. The story develops further after Hyun-soo meets a witness of the girl’s death, played by Lee Jeong-eun, who is mute. 

Director Park Ji-wan of “The Day I Died” explained that while the movie includes a character that has disappeared, it is not a mystery film, and even though a police officer is the main character, the movie is not a crime investigation film either.

“Our movie is more about looking into the hidden sides and emotions of different characters. It is more focused on people and why they act in certain way rather than the case itself,” the director said. 

“The Day I Died” is Park’s debut feature. 

Since it is unusual to see Korean movies led solely by three female characters and directed by a female director, Kim found herself working in a new environment.

“When choosing films, I do not focus on whether there are lots of characters of a certain gender. But I know that it is meaningful to see more and more well-described female characters,” Kim said. “Also, it is meaningful to see a growing number of female directors. I hope this movie can provide an opportunity for more female directors to speak out not just as a female director but as a well-prepared member of the film industry.”

Since depicting an in-depth character was crucial for the movie, Lee shared how she focused on making the character believable. 

“It is easy to think that someone who is mute would exaggerate to communicate. The director provided me with some documentary films that I could refer to. I found out through them that those who are mute can still communicate without any exaggeration,” Lee said. “One of the ways that my character communicated was through writing. So, I discussed different handwriting styles with the director.”

“She is like a master of details. I was honored to work with her,” Kim added.

“The Day I Died” will hit local theaters on Nov. 12. 


By Song Seung-hyun (ssh@heraldcorp.com)



Kim Hye-soo set to return as detective in 'The Day I Died'

By Kwak Yeon-soo |  2020-10-09




Kim Hye-soo in a scene from the film "The Day I Died" / Courtesy of Warner Bros. Korea

Kim Hye-soo will return to the silver screen in the upcoming mystery thriller "The Day I Died" as a police detective investigating the suspicious disappearance of a teenage girl.

The new film, the directorial debut of Park Ji-wan, is about police detective Hyun-soo (Kim) trying to find a missing teenage girl named Se-jin (Roh Jeong-eui) with the help of a witness who has aphasia (Lee Jung-eun). 

Although the plot centers on a detective unraveling secrets behind the missing girl, the film is not a typical mystery thriller. Rather, it's a character-driven drama where protagonists take a deeper look at themselves and their situations.

Kim, who starred as a police detective in the 2016 tvN drama "Signal," plays down her "strong woman" persona and subtly conveys the character's complex emotions in the upcoming film. 

"Hyun-soo tries to gather a full account of what happened to the girl. In the process of tracking the girl down, characters develop solidarity," Kim said during an online press event for the film, Thursday.

The veteran actor recalled that it felt like fate when she first saw the script. "Even before reading it, I found myself zooming in on the script for The Day I Died. I had piles of scripts on my desk, but my eyes were fixed on that one."

Actors Kim Hye-soo, left, and Lee Jung-eun talk during an online press event for the film "The Day I Died" in Seoul, Thursday. / Courtesy of Warner Bros. Korea

Lee, best known for her role in the Oscar-winning film "Parasite," said she joined the cast because of the script and her co-star Kim.

"People may think that I get scripts every day (after the success of Parasite), but that's not true. I loved the fact that the script talks about healing from pain and trauma besides being a detective story," she said. 

"Also, I enjoyed watching Kim starring as a detective in previous drama series (Signal). I thought it would be nice to star alongside her."

On playing a voiceless character, Lee said it was a challenge, but she tried to depict all emotions and intentions through facial expressions and breathing techniques.

"My character doesn't speak, but she makes noises sometimes. Many believe that if you lose your voice, you will try to rely on non-verbal cues. But you'll realize that there are many ways humans can interact without sound," Lee said. 

Meanwhile, Kim said it is encouraging to see a growing presence of female narratives and female filmmakers in the industry. 

"It's heartening to see that there are more films that showcase diverse female narratives and strong female characters compared with the past when there were mainly objectified portrayals of women," she said. 

"The Day I Died" will hit local theaters, Nov. 12.




Actress Kim Hye-soo Brings Touch of Glamour to Press Junket for Upcoming Film


November 01, 2020




Actress Kim Hye-soo looked fabulous in a black dress at a livestreamed press event for her latest film "The Day I Died: Unclosed Case" on Oct. 8.


In the film, Kim reprises a similar detective role to the one she played in tvN's 2016 hit series "Signal."


Going for a chic look, she wore a lace top under a long black dress with deep cleavage, and matched the outfit with black strappy sandals. The dress is from Valentino's Fall/Winter 2020 collection and priced at W5.64 million. To add a touch of glamour, Kim wore a bold ring and gold drop earrings.


The film is set to be released on Nov. 12.






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Kim Hye Soo and Lee Jung Eun’s New Film ‘The Day I Died: Unclosed Case’ Confirms Its Release on November 12

by krishkim



Credit: Warner Bros Korea

The Day I Died: Unclosed Case, starring Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Eun, and Roh Jeong Eui, has confirmed its release on November 12.

Warner Bros. Korea announced the release date and unveiled the third poster and the main trailer. The Day I Died: Unclosed Case is a story about a girl who disappeared to the edge of a cliff with only one suicide note left, a detective who traces the case, and a witness who saw the girl last.

The third poster draws attention by presenting Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Eun, and Roh Jeong Eui facing each other at the same place at different times. The copy that reads, “And the life started again,” ironically blends with the title “The day I died.” This touching poster makes us look forward to an emotional drama with a different perspective on finding the reason for life through the process of tracing the truth of a girl’s death.

The main trailer, which was released with the poster, begins as the voices of Hyun Soo (Kim Hye Soo), a detective who reads a suicide note left by someone, and Se Jin (Roh Jeong Eui), a girl who is writing the suicide note, overlaps. How Hyun Soo cries, “She didn’t do this to die, but to live by any means,” raises questions about the truth of life that Hyun Soo and Se Jin faced.



Source (1)

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The Asia Contents Awards (ACA) is an award ceremony for outstanding TV and OTT drama series throughout Asia, enjoying its second year since being newly established in 2019.  ACA 2020 is comprised of 10 categories and 11 awards, with 75 entries in total this year representing 17 different countries,  from among which 28 works from 12 nations were selected after the preliminary and final rounds.   Due to COVID-19, ACA 2020 will be held entirely online and will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of Busan International Film Festival from 4pm to 6pm (Korean local time) on October 25th.



[BIFF Press Release] Busan International Film Festival (28)_(2020.10.25)
Asian Contents & Film Market 2020 Announced the Winners of Asia Contents Awards

On October 25th (Sun), the Asian Contents & Film Market announced the winners of the 2nd Asia Contents Awards online.  
The  Asia Contents Awards recognizes outstanding TV and OTT dramas across Asia. 
10 Awards categories are ▲ Best Creative▲ Best Asian Drama▲ Best Actress ▲ Best Actor ▲Best Writer▲ Newcomer ▲Technical Achievement Award ▲ Best Rising Star ▲ Lifetime Achievement ▲Excellence Award.
A list of the Winner of Asia Contents Awards 2020



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[INTERVIEW] Kim Hye-soo on inner struggle, criticism, role in 'The Day I Died'


By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2020-11-06 16:59



Kim Hye-soo. / Courtesy of Hodu&U Entertainment


Kim Hye-soo, who started acting in the 1980s, has definitely made her mark on the entertainment industry. She is well-known for her iconic roles in films like "Tazza: The High Rollers" (2006), "The Thieves" (2012) and "Default" (2018).


After starring in the recent hit TV series "Hyena" as a quirky yet brilliant lawyer, the actress chose the complete opposite character in the mystery thriller "The Day I Died: Unclosed Case."


In the upcoming film, Kim plays Hyun-soo, a police detective assigned to investigate the suspicious disappearance of a teenage girl named Se-jin (Roh Jeong-eui).


While tracing Se-jin's last day before she disappears from a cliff, Hyun-soo finds out about the girl's intimate relationship with a local island resident (Lee Jung-eun), who lost her voice and lives with her comatose niece. With a resident's help, Hyun-soo gets one step closer to the truth.


One notable aspect of the mystery thriller is that it dives deeper into Hyun-soo's emotional state and displays how the character heals her own emotional wounds that are exposed during the investigation.


On playing Hyun-soo, who struggles with arm paralysis and insomnia due to a years-long fight with her unfaithful husband, Kim said she could relate to the character because she, too, has experienced feelings of despair.


"I chose to take on the film because at the time I received the script, I was suffering from emotional distress," she told The Korea Times, Thursday.


Referring to her own broken ties with her own mother, the veteran actress shared that, like Hyun-soo, she experienced the worst possible betrayal from someone she loved and trusted unconditionally.


"There were lots of scenes laden with many complex emotions, and I was able to relate to her because I've also been in a dire situation," she said. "People often say, 'the least you can do is worry about celebrities,' but we're also humans. There's always a dark side of the bright side."



Kim Hye-soo / Courtesy of Hodu&U Entertainment


Asked about her tips for coping with emotional pain, she shared some sage advice.


"I think overcoming is impossible. And I cannot say that I now have the ability to avoid pain and sorrow. I just let the time pass by," she said.


"A few years later if you look back at the time, it feels like nothing and you start to see things that you couldn't in the past. You also realize that there was always somebody who helped you get through the hard times."


On being a highly desired actress with plenty of opportunities for more than 30 years, she said she did not want to put limits on trying her best.


"I don't know if becoming an actor was the best decision, but I certainly feel grateful for it," she said. "There were times when I tried to guard myself or quit, but I've learned that they all shaped me to become who I am now. I will continue to devote myself fully to acting."


"The Day I Died: Unclosed Case" will hit local theaters, Nov. 12.




Kim Hye-soo says ‘The Day I Died’ was like her destiny


By Song Seung-hyun | Nov 7, 2020



“The Day I Died” (Warner Bros Korea)


Actor Kim Hye-soo said her upcoming film “The Day I Died” was like her destiny.


“It is hard to explain but I felt a strong pull to take the role. I think it is because that was the time that I had a strong desire for some sort of comfort,” Kim said during a press conference at CGV Yongsan in Seoul on Wednesday. “At that time, I was broken down and had wounds. (Like Hyun-soo in the movie,) I got comfort from meeting actors at our filming site.”


“The Day I Died” depicts the story of main character Hyun-soo, a police officer who is going through a difficult time after her husband, who cheated on her, demands a divorce. Hyun-soo starts investigating the case of a girl named Se-jin (Roh Jeong-eui), who disappeared off the edge of the cliff. As she conducts her investigation, Hyun-soo feels connected to the girl. The story develops further after Hyun-soo meets a mute witness of the girl’s death, played by Lee Jeong-eun.


Kim added that she focused on portraying a character who felt natural and tried to avoid any acting that seemed artificial. To do this, Kim said she also applied some of her own experiences to the character.


“There is a scene where Hyun-soo says she cannot go to sleep in the room because whenever she falls asleep she has a nightmare. I actually had that experience for a year myself, so I suggested adding that line.”


Although the upcoming movie is about three female protagonists and their solidarity, director Park Ji-wan said she had not intended to do a story about women.


“It was not like I had an initial intention to write a narrative about women. I was just looking for an interesting story that I liked and, naturally, it became this way,” Park said. “I wanted to create characters that are going through hardships but are hiding their difficulties. To me, it just felt natural that they were female characters.”


Kim also added that the movie is a story of anyone who experiences difficulties, regardless of gender.


During the press meeting, the director thanked Kim, saying the debut feature was only possible because of her.


“As everyone can see from our casting, I owe a lot to Kim Hye-soo. Many actors in the movie said they want to take the role because they wanted to do a movie with Kim.” Park said.


Asked how Kim feels about being one of a few iconic female figures to be leading the Korean movie scene, the veteran actress was humble.


“Since I have been in the industry for long, I do know that I have certain responsibilities,” Kim said. “But to be honest, I am just an actor, struggling every day to do my task.”


On the other hand, Roh, a 19-year-old actor who stars alongside two veteran actors in Kim and Lee, said she was honored to work with them.


“At first I was very nervous, it felt like I was working with two school principals,” Roh said, at which Kim and Lee burst into laughter. “But that motivated me to work hard, so I want to thank them.”


“Especially when I was shooting an emotional scene with Lee Jeong-eun, I was not sure if I was acting or crying for real because I actually felt the comfort when she held my hands,” Roh said. “It almost felt too easy to cry in that scene.”


“The Day I Died” will hit local theaters on Nov. 12.



By Song Seung-hyun (ssh@heraldcorp.com)

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I don't know if I'll be watching this movie, as the subject matter just tears me up every time that I read about another young person ending their own life feeling that there is no one to turn and that it's just not worth it. We only go around once, you know? The two senior actresses in this film are always so good though that I feel almost compelled to see it. It's the few weeks after, however, when you can't get the characters out of your own head that scares me. The reason that I prefer Korean dramas over movies is that the "good guy" generally wins in the end and there are lessons learned. In tragedies, there is no lesson, no one wins, and the viewer is left only with tearful sadness and a feeling of personal futility. :tears:

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‘The day my heart was dead, I gained hope to live on,’ Kim Hye-soo says


November. 09, 2020


Although famous South Korean Kim Hye-soo has acted in as many as 38 films since her filming career started with “Kkambo” in 1986, she still chooses a movie to act in when she feels it a destiny. This explains well why she decided to work on “The Day I Died: Unclosed Case” directed by Park Ji-wan, which releases on Thursday.


A few years ago, she chanced upon the movie’s scenario, which coincided with the time when she suffered the most heart-breaking pain in her lifetime. Back then, she was pushed back at the center of controversy. However, it was already a long time ago when she cut her mother off due to her mother’s debt and fraud issues. Kim said in an interview in a coffee shop located in Jongno District, Seoul, last Thursday that she related deeply to the main character Hyun-soo, thus leading her to choose the movie.


“It felt like a destiny how I came across this movie. Back then, I was completely overwhelmed by despair and pain. You may be faced with the moments of unpredictable agony and frustration, which you have never consented to bring in your life. This makes me think that Hyun-soo and I have a lot in common.”


Hyun-soo, a lieutenant graduating the Korean National Police University, has taken a long period off from work due to a divorce lawsuit and paralysis. With her return to work just around the corner, she happens to know that a young girl named Se-jin, who Roh Jeong-eui plays, is missing. Hyun-soo searches to find the missing witness of a criminal scene.  


Confessing that she found a piece of herself in Hyun-soo who manages to fall asleep with a sleeping aid, she said that she contributed to some lines of the scenario. She vividly recited the lines during the interview without hesitation as if she had just finished the shooting.  


“I dream every night. I see myself dead in my dreams. Looking at myself, I talk to myself. I want somebody else to take care of the dead body. I would see the same thing in my dreams when I was left in pain back then,” Kim said. “At first, I did not mean to add the lines to the story. However, as I kept working on the shooting, I thought that Hyun-soo may have been there too so I added them.”


Kim thanked her friends for being around with her when she had a hard time. The upcoming film will give a bit of comfort to those on the brink of the cliff, she hoped.


“You don’t have to overcome pain within yourself. Just hang in there. I want you to know that someone who lends a hand to help you can bring you a great solace and hope. It is not that Se-jin helps Hyun-soo heal the wound of her own completely,” the actress said. “However, Hyun-soo is able to look squarely at the reality and have the courage to move on to the next by empathizing and embracing the one who goes through a tough time just like she does. As the movie title says, it is the day my heart was completely dead. However, I hope that audiences will learn that there is still hope to live many more days.”



Jae-Hee Kim jetti@donga.com




Kim Hye Soo Talks About Her Mother’s Debt Scandal + The Time She Considered Retiring From Acting


By C. Hong | Nov 5, 2020


On November 5, Kim Hye Soo sat down for an interview to talk about her latest film “The Day I Died: Unclosed Case.”


In the interview, the actress talked about her mother’s debt scandal as well as a time in her life when she considered retiring.




In 2019, Kim Hye Soo’s representatives issued a statement about her mother owing 1.3 billion won (about $1.1 million at the time) to various people. In the statement, Kim Hye Soo stated that although she had tried to resolve her mother’s financial issues for years, the two ended up cutting off all ties in 2012 when Kim Hye Soo learned that her mother had incurred a debt so large that even all her wealth at the time could not cover it.


In her new film, Kim Hye Soo’s character is also undergoing similar traumas from the past. The actress said, “My state of mind might have been similar to Hyun Soo’s, but the circumstances were different. In fact, it’s the opposite. The news reports came out last year, but I first learned about the scale of my mother’s debt in 2012. I was so shocked that I could barely work. It was the first time I’d experienced something at that level. In the film, Kim Sun Young’s character asks how she could possibly forget the lawyer’s promise. My character responds, ‘I thought everything was fine. I really didn’t know.’ That was the exact same thing I said to my friends in 2012. My sister asked if I really didn’t know, and I said that I really didn’t. I got goosebumps when I saw the scene in the film.”


She continued, “When I learned about what my mother had done, I couldn’t work. I didn’t even want to work anymore. I thought that it was because I had started working as an actor that this problem had come up in the first place. My mind was split between ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’ and ‘Not knowing is also a crime.’ I told everyone I knew, ‘I’m not going to work, I can’t work, and I’m going to try and fix what I can.’ Even though I didn’t want to work anymore, I thought that I shouldn’t give up on all the time that I’d spent until now as an actor. As time passed, I was grateful. The drama I did then was ‘The Queen of Office.’ Like my character in the film, I was able to lose myself in my work. Like her, I had friends and people who helped me.”




Kim Hye Soo shared that she had thought of retiring in 2017. She said, “I was on a trip with some friends in the winter. I was watching TV late at night and the movie ‘Secret Sunshine’ was on. It had been made about 10 years ago. I saw it when it came out and I saw it again 10 years later, and I suddenly thought, the actors in that film are so amazing. If anyone should be actors, it should be them. At the same time, I thought to myself, ‘You’ve worked hard.'”


She continued, “I had gone through a hard time before then. In the past, I would think, ‘Why am I always 20 percent short of where I want to be?’, but I’d started to think, ‘How can I do more than this?’ I wanted to settle everything simply, without mental anguish. I wanted to text director Lee Chang Dong, actress Jeon Do Yeon, actor Song Kang Ho, but it was 3 a.m., so I couldn’t. I thought simply to myself that they were brilliant actors that could bring tears to my eyes, and so this was as far as I could go.” (Lee Chang Dong directed “Secret Sunshine” and Jeon Do Yeon and Song Kang Ho starred in the film.)


She added, “If you keep refusing all the projects that come in, isn’t that retirement? But a few months later, I was looking over the script for ‘Default’ and my blood started boiling because I wanted to do it so badly. The emotions I felt when I saw ‘Secret Sunshine’ were new for me, and it felt so natural to wrap it up like that, but it was so ridiculous that in a few months I would think, ‘Let’s just do one more.’ So that’s how I got here now. Isn’t that funny?”




“The Day I Died: Unclosed Case” is about a detective assigned to the case of a missing girl who supposedly died by suicide on a cliff during a stormy night. It premieres in South Korea on November 12.


Source (1) (2)

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Patience and an eye for picking projects


November 9, 2020





“After the press screening, before reporters and experts began asking questions, they would start off with, ‘You’ve done some good work’ or ‘It was a good movie,’ and that’s when I knew — they don’t say this just out of politeness, and I was thankful and relieved.”


When actor Kim Hye-soo received the script for her upcoming film “The Day I Died: Unclosed Case,” she was immediately drawn to it, just from reading the title alone, and at the press screening last week she called meeting the film her “fate.”


“It was something very personal — it’s always like that when I decide what project I’m going to do next,” she said at a press interview in a cafe in Samcheong-dong, central Seoul, on Friday. “But this [script] was a little different — as I went over it page by page I grew [more] certain that this story was written for me. Because after I finished the book I felt I was being consoled. It’s not every day that I come across writing like this, and I hoped that I could play a part in turning this into a film so that the audience could feel what I felt.”




Actor Kim Hye-soo portrays Hyun-soo, a police detective trying to close a case in which the key witness is believed to have committed suicide. [WARNER BROS PICTURES KOREA]


Kim plays Hyun-soo, a police detective in the mystery drama “The Day I Died: Unclosed Case” slated to premiere on Thursday. The character’s job overlaps with the mega-hit tvN drama series "Signal” (2016) in which the actor portrayed elite police detective Cha Soo-hyun, but the similarity ends there: For Hyun-soo, she thought she was leading a perfect life — before she found out about her husband’s affair and that she has to take a year's leave from her job.


Before she can be reinstated, her boss asks her to take care of an unclosed case in which a primary witness is a teenage girl named Se-jin. Se-jin is the key witness in a case involving her family which have been accused of criminal wrongdoing, but is presumed to be dead after jumping off a cliff on an island she had been taken to for her protection.


What started off as a simple task becomes complicated when Hyun-soo finds herself drawn to Se-jin: Her expressions and her predicaments parallel what Hyun-soo has gone through, and she struggles to close the investigation without delving back into her own past, or digging further into the case to find out the truth.


At the press event after the press screening, the actor said she was comforted by the film because she too, went through painful phases in her life which drove her to have nightmares whenever she fell asleep, just like Hyun-soo.


“Not because I’m an actor, but for people overall, even if we seem like nothing’s wrong on the outside, on the inside there are many problems,” Kim said. “And just like everyone else when they face hardships, I don’t know what to do. You don’t ever become tolerant or get used to them. They always leave behind a scar, or some kind of trace, but you just [learn to] live on.”






Playing a character going through emotional turmoil was difficult, the actor admitted, but she was more fearful of the fact that what she felt in the writing wouldn’t be portrayed through the screen.


“What was more difficult was if we could properly transfer the sincerity we felt in the writing onto the screen,” she said. “For the actors, director, production company and producers — that was the biggest obstacle and the most fearful one for me too.


“Because there may be a gap between a script and a film,” she continued. “Just one error or a little twist can possibly widen that gap, and that’s what we’re always careful about. No matter how much we want to, or try to, capture what we felt in the script, it doesn’t always turn out the way we want to — sometimes, even when we didn’t really try, that sincerity might be added on the screen, it’s a little bit like magic.”


Hyun-soo (right) meets a mute islander who used to take care of Se-jin. [WARNER BROS PICTURES KOREA]


Kim’s dedication to the script, and the film, was certainly passionate, and the actor hopes that the audience can feel how she felt when she read the scenes.


“That’s just how good the writing was, and I don’t think there’s any film that can exceed words,” she said.


The actor, in her 30-something-year career, seems to have a knack for picking projects that the public will love, and some of the roles she has undertaken have become iconic.


“Are the words [able to] move me, that’s the commonality in my choices when I decide on my next project,” she said. “Of course, there are basic standards such as what kind of story it is, do I feel any interest, to be able to fit into this role what would I have to do, or are there any new challenges for me as an actor, is there an attraction to the role, and [most importantly], is it realistic for me to portray this character. No matter how good the project is, if the chances look slim that I would be able to undertake the role, I don't have the courage. But, if the writing moves me without thinking about any of the criteria I said before, I do it. For me, whether it’s a project or people, even though I can’t logically explain why, if I’m immensely moved by them, I gravitate toward it or them because I’m the kind of person who believes in that.”





Kim is one of the few actors with a lengthy career that has remained consistently loved by the masses. She cites her dedication to her career as the reason behind this.


“I think when I do the work that I have chosen, I really put myself to it,” she said. “But I think there’s also more than that. What we do is something that’s really lonely and isolated, but simultaneously it’s something that we do as part of a group. No matter how devoted I am to it, that doesn’t complete the project. There are my fellow co-workers, actors who create the film to a high-quality, and no matter how much I put myself into every project I do, I cannot be satisfied with every one of them. And I think people [around me] waited for me [to find my footing], and I’m extremely grateful for that and consider myself lucky. […] I hope I can be that person who encourages and supports others and even though [we] may be disappointed in one another, we be patient with each other.”



BY LEE JAE-LIM   [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr]

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Kim Hye Soo and Kim Moo Yeol in Talks to Star in New Netflix Original Series as Judges


by krishkim



Credit: news1, Hankyung


Kim Hye Soo and Kim Moo Yeol might take on a new challenge by starring in Netflix original series Boy Judgment (literal title).


On November 10, Kim Hye Soo’s agency Hodu & U Entertainment said, “Kim Hye Soo recently received an offer to play the main character in Boy Judgment and is reviewing it.” Kim Moo Yeol’s agency PrainTPC also said, “Kim Moo Yeol did receive an offer and is positively reviewing it.”


Boy Judgment is a courtroom office drama that takes place when a grumpy judge who hates juvenile offenders is newly appointed to the juvenile criminal department of the Yeonhwa District Court. Kim Hye Soo has been offered the role of Shim Eun Seok, a judge at the Yeonhwa District Court’s juvenile criminal division, while Kim Moo Yeol was offered to play another judge at the Yeonhwa District Court’s juvenile criminal division who graduated high school by taking GED.


Meanwhile, Kim Moo Yeol met with viewers with the film Intruder in June and received favorable reviews for his improved performance. Kim Hye Soo is getting ready for her new film The Day I Died: Unclosed Case to be released on November 12. If the two confirm their appearances in Boy Judgment, they will be channeling their first-ever Netflix original content.


Source (1)






Kim Hye Soo Confirmed to Star in New Netflix Original Series as a Judge


by krishkim



Credit: HODU&U Entertainment


Kim Hye Soo will be expanding her territory into Netflix.


On Nov 23, Netflix confirmed the production of Juvenile Judgement (literal title) and has cast Kim Hye Soo to play the main character Shim Eun Seok.  Juvenile Judgement is a legal drama that takes place when a prickly judge who hates juvenile offenders is newly appointed to the juvenile court of the Yeonhwa District.


Juvenile Judgement revolves around the issues of the juvenile law, which states that minors under the age of 14 are subject to protective disposition, not punishment. It will point out the juvenile crimes that have reached a dangerous level, the adults surrounding them, and the responsibilities that society should take sharply.


Kim Hye Soo plays Shin Eun Seok, an intelligent elite judge with a prickly personality. She will break down the “familiar customs” after being appointed to a court with the highest juvenile crime rate. She will send a heavy message to society by making unexpected sentences.


Live Up to Your Name and Dear My Friends director Hong Jong Chan will direct this upcoming Netflix original series, and writer Kim Min Seok will pen the script. Gil Pictures, best known for Hot Stove League, and GTist, best known for Hotel Del Luna, will co-produce the drama.


Source (1)

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What “Small Movie” Means to Kim Hye Soo


by krishkim | Images: Warner Bros. Korea




Actress Kim Hye Soo opened up her weakness and pain through her film The Day I Died: Unclosed Case. The movie is about a detective Hyun Soo whose life is shaken to the core, tracking down a case in which Se Jin, the main witness of a criminal case, went missing after leaving a suicide note. High school student Se Jin’s pain was sparked by others, and Hyun Soo is also distressed by the misfortune that took place regardless of her will. The more she investigates, she finds herself in Se Jin. And it seems like Kim Hye Soo saw herself from Hyun Soo.


“I don’t desperately try to get over difficult things. I just let them be, thinking ‘this too shall pass.’ It’s a shock to experience a heart that I’ve never prepared for before. And I have experienced that. Everyone faces a crisis. There was a time when I thought, ‘I’m not okay’ for the first time. I think I started the character of Hyun Soo from that point.”





Kim Hye Soo depicts Hyun Soo, who is facing an uphill battle, with a calm and restrained manner. Her dry face, bloodshot eyes and the atmosphere of loneliness makes her look like she will collapse at the push of one button.


“In order to make the movie come alive, I had to exclude all the incidentals. I did use a tool called bare face to show the haggard appearance, but in our movie, I thought it was necessary to use it to make people feel Hyun Soo’s pain. Usually, actors don’t sleep well when they start filming. My eyes were red because I couldn’t sleep. I tried not to show my sleepless condition in other projects, but I tried to show it this time.”




The Day I Died: Unclosed Case is also drawing keen attention as a “women-centric film.” The female director was in charge of the script and directing, and all three main characters are female. Although “women-centric films” are on the rise, the reality is that they are still having a hard time in terms of investments.


“It’s not just about our movie, but these kinds of scripts have a hard time getting investments. From an investor’s point of view, it is natural to invest in a proven profit system. Difficulties were expected, but they would say, ‘we will invest if you change this or that,’ whenever we had a meeting. Then we would say things like ‘no thank you’ or ‘this and that is why we are making this film.’ So we waited. Thanks to those who counted on small and resonant movies, our work was able to come out. I think the diversity in the film industry can be maintained because these films are still being released.”


Kim Hye Soo, who debuted in 1986, started out as a teen star and is now considered one of Korea’s leading actors with mature and thoughtful acting skills.


“There were times when I hit the rough patch and wanted to give up. When I was in my 20s and 30s, I thought about doing something else. And I actually have done it. But now, who will accept me if I erase the name Kim Hye Soo? (laughs).”


Source (1)





Actress Kim Hye-soo Creates Air of Sophistication in Asymmetric Blazer-Style Dress


November 15, 2020




Actress Kim Hye-soo looked chic as usual in a long white blazer-style dress at a press screening of her latest film "The Day I Died" in Seoul on Nov. 4.


She matched the asymmetric dress, which has ruffled details on one side of the waistline, with a black inner top. The dress from Italian luxury fashion label Off-White is priced at W2.48 million. She wore black sheer stockings to create a sophisticated look.





For a touch of glamour, Kim opted for black strappy heels and a mismatched pair of drop earrings.








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19 November 2020


SEOUL, November 20, 2020 - Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, announced the production of Juvenile Justice, a courtroom drama starring Kim Hye-soo.

Juvenile Justice deals with a judge who especially dislikes juvenile delinquents later coming to realize the troubles that children face in society and how the society is limiting them to not become better. 

Kim Hye-soo (Hyena, Signal) plays Sim Eun-seok, the charismatic judge newly appointed to a district with the highest juvenile delinquency and makes decisions that are unorthodox to existing judgements. She also later tries to send a message to the society which she finds is also responsible for the wrong acts by juveniles. 

The series will be directed by Hong Jong-chan (Dear My Friends), written by Kim Min-suk, produced by Gill Pictures (Stove League), and co-produced by GTist (Hotel del Luna). 

The new courtroom drama Juvenile Justice will be available worldwide only on Netflix. 

About Netflix
Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with over 195 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.





Films featuring female leads dominate box office


By Park Han-sol | 2020-11-19



Scenes from the films "The Day I Died: Unclosed Case," top, "Samjin Company English Class" and "More than Family" / Courtesy of Warner Bros. Korea, Lotte Entertainment and Little Big Pictures


Films featuring female leads continue to dominate the local box office as the two films released last week ― "The Day I Died: Unclosed Case" and "More than Family" ― joined the top chart along with "Samjin Company English Class," which is still going strong since its release in October.


Park Jung-bae's "Collectors," starring Lee Je-hoon and Shin Hae-sun, is still in top as the most watched film for two weeks since its release Nov. 4. The crime comedy has garnered more than a million ticket sales as of Tuesday, accumulating nearly 9.8 billion won ($9 million), according to data released by Korea Box-office Information System (KOBIS). The film centers on a group of thieves who are also talented excavators. They team up to uncover ancient treasures of Joseon Dynasty buried underground in a royal tomb in central Seoul.


"The Day I Died: Unclosed Case" is chasing "Collectors." Since its release on Nov. 12, it pushed another female-led film "Samjin Company" to the third spot at the chart and regained its position. The mystery thriller, featuring veteran actors Kim Hye-soo and Lee Jung-eun best known for her supporting role in Oscar-winning "Parasite," has garnered more than 150,000 ticket sales and grossed nearly 1.4 billion won ($1 million) as of Tuesday.


In Park Ji-wan's directorial debut, Kim plays a detective searching for a teenage girl who has mysteriously disappeared with the help of Lee, a witness suffering from aphasia. During their search, the characters find themselves in an introspective journey that allows them to truly communicate and understand each other.


"Samjin Company English Class," one of the highest-grossing films for October, is still going strong at the third place at the box office. The comedy film has garnered approximately 1.5 million in ticket sales so far, accumulating 13 billion won ($12 million).


Directed by Lee Jong-pil, the mystery comedy is set in the patriarchal society in 1995. The three young female employees, who originally joined the TOEIC class offered by the company to fight for promotion, end up working together to uncover the firm's corruptive activities.


Another female-led motion picture "More than Family" came into the box office Nov. 12, scoring the fourth place as of Tuesday. The film has garnered attention with its leading role played by K-pop idol and a former f(x) member Jung Soo-jung (aka Krystal) and its plot promoting diversity in family structure in a relatively conservative Korean society.


The comedy drama has gained nearly 20,000 ticket sales, earning 176 million won ($160,000). It stars another "Parasite" actor Jang Hye-jin, who plays Jung's mother. Its director Choi Ha-na stated that through a pregnant college student interacting with her birth father, stepfather and her high-schooler soon-to-be-husband, she wanted to break down the stigma against those with diverse family structures which could include divorcees, single parents and unmarried pregnant women.

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[PICK] Films that Flaunt Stellar Ensembles


by krishkim | Edited by Hong Hyun Jung | Translated by Kim Hoyeun


It’s been a while since the star-packed roster became a new trend in Korean cinema. Unlike how one or two stars led the plot, now, several actors imprint their individualities and fill the play more richly and colorfully. From the audiences’ point of view, we can enjoy both the pleasure of seeing “star actors” and the fun of watching a movie. Let’s check out a total of 8 films, ranging from movies that showed rather disappointing results to movies that became a box office hit.


Beasts Clawing at Straws (2019)



Credit: Megabox Plus M

Based on Keisuke Son’s novel, the movie is about the characters in desperate situations and their clashes surrounding a questionable money bag. It is a crime drama with a black comedy about a group of people blinded by desire and become hardened to blood or tears. Jeon Do Yeon, Jung Woo Sung, Youn Yuh Jung, Bae Seong Woo, Jin Kyung, Jung Man Sik, Shin Hyun Bin and Jung Ga Ram paint a terrible irony of clashing into unexpected situations as they try to seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


1987: When the Day Comes (2017)



Credit: CJ Entertainment

Set in 1987, the film captures the chain of events that led up to a huge roar triggered by the death of a student protester. It is based on the true story of the unlawful interrogation and death of a student activist named Park Jong Chul that ultimately prompted the June Democratic Uprising in Korea, and starts as a cold thriller and heads towards a heart-breaking story. And the actors who took part in filmizing the critical event in modern history are simply outstanding. With Kim Yoon Seok, who turned into a ruthless commissioner Park Cheo Won, in the center, Ha Jung Woo, Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Tae Ri, Park Hee Soon, Lee Hee Joon, Jo Woo Jin, Sol Kyung Gu, Gang Dong Won and Moon So Ri (in voice only) vividly performed the moment of 1987 as if they were running a relay.


Juror 8 (2018)



Credit: CGV Arthouse

The movie was inspired by South Korea’s first jury trial. The story of ordinary people being chosen as jurors and seek out the truth of a murder case through evidence, testimony, and confessions is unfolded quite speedily. Moon So Ri plays a presiding judge who always goes by the book, while Park Hyung Sik becomes a jury number 8 and drives the nation’s first jury trial into an unexpected direction with 7 other jurors played by Yoon Gyung Ho, Kim Hong Pa, Jo Han Chul, Kim Mi Kyung, Seo Jeong Yeon, Baek Soo Jang, Cho Soo Hyang.


The Thieves (2012)


Credit: Showbox

This movie follows Korean and Chinese professional thieves joining forces to pinch a $20 million diamond from an impenetrable casino vault. Directed by The Big Swindle and Tazza: The High Rollers director Choi Dong Hoon, this slick caper flick unfolds a thrilling drama with colorful attractions of conspiracy, betrayal and mixed desires in the colorful criminal world. And the cast lineup certainly wields its dignity. From Kim Yoon Seok and Kim Hye Soo, who worked with Director Choi in his previous project, to Lee Jung Jae, Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hae Sook, Simon Yam, Angelica Lee and Kwok Cheung Tsang transform into characteristic thieves.


The Face Reader (2013)


Credit: Showbox

During the Joseon period, when the King’s position is at stake, a disgraced nobleman with a gift for reading faces becomes enmeshed in a power struggle as he tries to alter the fate of Joseon. It combines Korean fortune-telling traditions of reading faces with historical events to create an intriguing story. Along with its unique narrative, the cast packed with A-list stars made headlines. Song Kang Ho and Lee Jong Suk become father and son, and on top of that, Jo Jung Suk joins as brother-in-law, adding to the fun. Lee Jung Jae, Kim Hye Soo and Baek Yoon Sik each play ambitious Grand Prince Suyang, entrancing gisaeng (Joseon’s courtesan) Yun Hong, and Kim Jongseo who has to protect the young King, and take part in dragging Nae Gyeong (Song Kang Ho) into a power struggle.


Secret Zoo (2019)



Credit: Acemaker Movie Works

The story begins when a lawyer who is stuck in a dead-end temp position is given a special job to revitalize a failing zoo. The absurd plot of a lawyer and zookeepers disguise themselves as animals and experience wildlife on the other side of the fence in order to save an endangered zoo is unraveled with cute humor. Ahn Jae Hong, Kang So Ra, Park Yeong Gyu, Kim Sung Oh and Jeon Yeo Been deliver a pleasant laugh with fantastic chemistry even in the difficult situation of having to act in the masks of polar bears, lions, giraffes, gorillas and giant sloths, respectively.


Intimate Strangers (2018)



Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Friends meet for the first time in a long time and play a game of sharing the texts and calls they received that ultimately reveal each other’s secrets. Even though the story takes place in a limited space, fresh materials and unpredictable developments create a high immersion level, and the actors certainly show dazzling prowess. Yoo Hae Jin, Yum Jung Ah, Cho Jin Woong, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Seo Jin, Song Ha Yoon and Yoon Kyung Ho flawlessly become friends who start to feel more like strangers as they desperately try to hide their own untoward secrets. Lee Soon Jae, Ra Mi Ran, Jo Jung Suk and Jin Seon Kyu make special appearances as characters who cause embarrassing moments for the characters.


Parasite (2019)



Credit: CJ Entertainment

It’s a tragicomedy in which families from two opposite ends of wealth distribution fall into unexpected situations when they are unintentionally bridged. The movie completes the portrait of modern people living in an era of polarization, showcasing the originality of every character, from the Kim family who are all either working low-paying temporary jobs or unemployed, and the wealthy Park family, to long-time housekeeper Moon Gwang who is driven to the edge and Geun Sae who has been secretly living in the basement. The chemistry between the actors who portray a story that spreads out of control is by far the best. Song Kang Ho, Choi Woo Shik, Park So Dam and Jang Hye Jin become a “real” family, while Cho Yeo Jeong and Lee Sun Kyun realistically portray the power couple that steps outside of the already existing dichotomous thinking. Lee Jung Eun and Park Myung Hoon, who bring about a shocking twist, also cast a heavy presence.

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  • Guest changed the title to Kim Hye-Soo 김혜수 - Upcoming Drama 2021: Juvenile Judgement


Kim Hye-soo, Yoo Yeon-seok to host 2020 Blue Dragon Awards


By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2020-11-30



Kim Hye-soo, left, and Yoo Yeon-seok will host the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony, which will take place at Paradise City Incheon, Dec. 11. / Korea Times file


Actors Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Yeon-seok will host the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony set to be held on Dec. 11. This is the third year in a row that the two have been selected to host the country's most prestigious film awards event.


This year marks Kim's 27th time hosting the event since 1993. "It's been a tough year for everyone because of COVID-19. I'm thankful for filmmakers and moviegoers who continued to show their support of films despite these difficult times," the actress said.


"I hope films can provide comfort and hope to everyone who is struggling. I hope that a day will come soon when this pandemic comes to an end and we can all enjoy films in theaters again."


Yoo, who has hosted the show for three consecutive years, said, "It's my honor to have been emceeing the Blue Dragon Awards with Kim for three years in a row. It's been a difficult year for the culture and arts industries due to COVID-19, but I will do my best to make the awards ceremony a shining moment for all the filmmakers who endured hard times."


"The Man Standing Next," which dramatizes the assassination of former Korean president and dictator Park Chung-hee, swept nominations for this year's Blue Dragon Awards. It has been nominated in 10 categories, including best film, best director, best actor and best supporting actor. It has also been submitted for consideration in the Best International Feature Film category for the 93rd Academy Awards.


Hardboiled action flick "Deliver Us from Evil" received nominations in eight categories. "Moonlit Winter," which centers on two lesbians, has been nominated for seven categories while "Kim Ji-young, Born 1982," branded as a feminist film, earned nominations in six categories.


The awards ceremony will take place on Dec. 11 at Paradise City in Incheon. It will be broadcast live on SBS at 9 p.m.






41st Blue Dragon Awards postponed as COVID-19 cases continue to spike


By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2020-12-08



A poster for the 41st Blue Dragon Awards / Courtesy of Blue Dragon Awards organizing committee


The 41st Blue Dragon Awards ceremony has been postponed after the government raised the social distancing level to 2.5.


The organizing committee announced Tuesday the decision to push back the awards to early 2021 as COVID-19 continues to impact the film industry. It was originally scheduled to take place on Dec. 11.


"Due to the growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the event. It is regrettable because a diverse list of nominees were expected to compete this year. However, safety and the protection of the health of our actors, directors and staff should come first," the organizing committee said in a statement.



Meanwhile, the release dates for multiple films have been pushed back to 2021.


CJ Entertainment said Monday that it will put off the premiere of sci-fi action film "Seobok," which was originally scheduled to hit theaters Dec. 23. The movie was initially set to open in theaters on Dec. 2, but then moved its premier date to Dec. 23 after the government raised the social distancing level to 1.5. In its most recent announcement, the company did not offer an exact date for the film's release.


Starring Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, "Seobok" was one of the most anticipated blockbusters for the winter season. In the film, Ki-heon (Gong) is given one final mission to discreetly transport Seobok (Park) to a safe place, but they find themselves in a number of life-threatening situations as other forces seek to take possession of Seobok.


Lotte Entertainment said it will delay the release of musical film "Life is Beautiful" to next year.


"Due to growing uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent spike in cases, we have decided to delay the release of our film," the company official said in a statement. "We will closely monitor the situation, and then announce alternate dates after we come up with a way to abide by the preventive measures laid out in the social distancing guidelines."


In "Life is Beautiful," Ryu Seung-ryong plays Jin-bong who reluctantly agrees to help his terminally ill wife Se-yeon (Yum Jung-ah) find her first love as her birthday wish.


The Walt Disney Company Korea, the local distributing unit of the U.S. entertainment giant, delayed the press screening of the animated film "Soul" indefinitely.


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Blue Dragon Film Awards records

1. Winners of all 3 acting awards (Newcomer / Supporting / Leading) -> Lee Jung-jae, Jang Dong-gun



2. Going for 3rd Leading Actor/Actress Award -> Hwang Jung-min, Jeon Do-yeon

[[[ 6 stars who won it 3 times: Shin Young-gyun 신영균 (66, 69, 73), Yoon Jung-hee 윤정희 (72, 73, 10), Moon Sung-keun 문성근 (92, 94, 96), Kim Hye-soo 김혜수 (93, 95, 06), Choi Min-sik 최민식 (01, 03, 12), Song Kang-ho 송강호 (07, 14, 17) ]]]



3. Youngest Blue Dragon Best Leading Actor winner: Lee Jung-jae in 1999 (26 years old)

Youngest Blue Dragon Best Leading Actress winner: Kim Hye-soo in 1993 (23 years old)

Oldest Blue Dragon Best Leading Actor winner: Ahn Sung-ki in 2006 (54 years old)

Oldest Blue Dragon Best Leading Actress winner: Na Moon-hee in 2017 (76 years old)



4. Blue Dragon’s one-and-only dual winners -> Ahn Sung-ki & Park Joong-hoon won Best Leading Actor in 2006 for ‘Radio Star’





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Source: https://www.gallup.co.kr/gallupdb/reportContent.asp?seqNo=1160

Koreans surveyed on their favorite Movie Stars who shined


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2020”

1. Song Kang-ho - 27.8%

2. Lee Byung-hun - 14.0%

3. Ma Dong-seok - 9.1%

4. Hwang Jung-min - 7.5%

5. Jung Woo-sung - 6.2%

6. Gong Yoo - 5.9%

7. Ha Jung-woo - 4.0%

8. Lee Jung-jae - 3.6%

9. Kim Hye-soo - 3.5%

10. Lee Jung-eun - 3.4%

11. Kang Dong-won - 3.3%

12. Sung Dong-il - 2.9%

13. Yoo Ah-in - 2.7%

14. Yoo Hae-jin, Kwak Do-won - 2.4%

16. Son Ye-jin - 2.0%

17. Hyun Bin - 1.9%

18. Sol Kyung-gu - 1.6%

19. Choi Min-sik - 1.5%

20. Ahn Sung-ki, Jo Jung-suk - 1.4%

22. Lee Je-hoon, Han Suk-kyu, Park Bo-gum, Joo Ji-hoon - 1.3%

26. Jo Yeo-jung, Jo Jin-woong - 1.1%

28. Park Seo-joon, Jo In-sung, Jang Dong-gun - 1.0%





Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2007”

1. Jeon Do-yeon (Secret Sunshine) - 49.7%

2. Song Kang-ho - 16.5%

3. Bae Yong-joon, Ahn Sung-ki - 6.4%

5. Sol Kyung-gu- 5.0%


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2008”

1. Song Kang-ho (The Good, The Bad, The Weird) - 13.1%

2. Son Ye-jin (My Wife Got Married) - 11.3%

3. Kim Hye-soo (Modern Boy) - 7.4%

4. Jeon Do-yeon (My Dear Enemy), Jang Dong-gun - 7.3%

6. Jung Woo-sung (The Good, The Bad, The Weird) - 6.1%

7. Ha Jung-Woo (The Chaser, My Dear Enemy) - 5.4%


Korea's Gallup "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2009”

1. Lee Byung-hun - 20.1%

2. Jang Dong-gun - 17.9%

3. Sol Kyung-gu - 17.5%

4. Ha Ji-won - 14.3%

5. Jung Ji-hoon / Rain - 8.3%


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2010”

1. Won Bin (The Man from Nowhere) - 30.7%

2. Jang Dong-gun - 14.4%

3. Kang Dong-won - 11.6%

4. Lee Byung-hun - 6.4%

5. Song Kang-ho - 5.6%


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2011”

1. Won Bin - 11.3%

2. Park Hae-il - 9.5%

3. Jang Dong-gun - 8.8%

4. Kim Ha-neul (Blind) - 8.2%

5. Gong Yoo - 5.8%

6. Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho - 4.8%

8. Ha Ji-won - 3.1%

9. Ahn Sung-ki

10. Han Seok-kyu- 3.0%


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2012”

1. Lee Byung-hun - 37.6%

2. Song Joong-ki - 15%

3. Kim Hye-soo - 7.6%

4. Jang Dong-gun - 7.4%

5. Ha Jung-woo - 6.4%

6. Jeon Ji-hyun

7. Kim Yoon-seok

8. Park Bo-young - 4.2%


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2013”

1. Song Kang-ho - 22.5%

2. Ha Jung-woo - 18.9%

3. Lee Byung-hun - 18.0%

4. Ryu Seung-ryong - 10.1%

5. Sol Kyung-gu - 7.4%

6. Lee Jung-jae - 6.7%

7. Kim Hye-soo - 6.3%

8. Kim Soo-hyun - 5.7%

9. Jang Dong-gun - 3.7%

10. Jeon Ji-hyun - 2.8%


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2014”

1. Choi Min-sik - 42.3%

2. Song Kang-ho - 22.2%

3. Ryu Seung-ryong - 10.5%

4. Ha Jung-woo - 9.0%

5. Lee Byung-hun - 4.5%

6. Kang Dong-won - 4.2%

7. Sol Kyung-gu - 3.7%

8. Jung Woo-sung - 3.6%

9. Hyun Bin - 3.3%

10. Kim Soo-hyun - 3.2%


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2015”

1. Yoo Ah-in - 26.9%

2. Song Kang-ho - 20.3%

3. Hwang Jung-min - 16.1%

4. Jeon Ji-hyun - 14.2%

5. Ha Jung-woo - 11.8%

6. Choi Min-sik - 9.8%

7. Oh Dal-soo - 6.2%

8. Lee Jung-jae - 5.8%

9. Kang Dong-won - 4.2%

10. Yoo Hae-jin - 4.1%


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2016”

1. Hwang Jung-min - 21.2%

2. Song Kang-ho - 18.4%

3. Gong Yoo - 12.7%

4. Ha Jung-woo - 11.4%

5. Yoo Hae-jin - 10.8%

6. Lee Byung-hun - 9.6%

7. Lee Jung-jae - 6.3%

8. Jung Woo-sung - 6.2%

9. Jeon Ji-hyun - 5.4%

10. Ma Dong-seok - 5%

11 Song Joong-ki

12 Yoo Ah-in

13 Choi Min-sik

14 Kim Hye-soo

15 Kang Dong-won

15 Sol Kyung-gu

17 Jo Jin-woong

18 Son Ye-jin

19 Oh Dal-soo

20 Ra mi-ran


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2017”

1. Song Kang-ho - 35%

2. Ma Dong-seok - 17.8%

3. Lee Byung-hun - 12.6%

4. Hwang Jung-min - 8.1%

5. Ha Jung-woo, Sol Kyung-gu - 6.3%


Korea's Gallup "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2018”

1. Ma Dong-seok - 19.9%

2. Ha Jung-woo - 18.6%

3. Lee Byung-hun - 11.2%

4. Song Kang-ho - 10.9%

5. Joo Ji-hoon - 7.3%

6. Yoo Hae-jin

7. Jung Woo-sung

8. Hwang Jung-min

9. Jo In-sung

10. Cha Tae-hyun

14. Kim Hye-soo


16. Son Ye-jin



Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2019”

1. Song Kang-ho - 29.8%

2. Ma Dong-seok - 18.2%

3. Gong Yoo - 8.9%

4. Jo Jin-woong - 8.5%

5. Ha Jung-woo, Lee Byung-hun - 7.1%

7. Jung Woo-sung - 4.5%

8. Yoo Hae-jin - 4.1%

9. Hwang Jung-min - 3.6%

10. Honey Lee - 3.3%

Ryu Seung-ryong (3.0%), Lee Jung-jae (2.8%), Sol Kyung-gu (2.4%), Jung Yu-mi (2.2%), Ahn Sung-ki, Jang Dong-gun (2.1%), Jo Yeo-jung (2%), Ryu Jun-yeol (2.0%)


Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2020”

1. Song Kang-ho - 27.8%

2. Lee Byung-hun - 14.0%

3. Ma Dong-seok - 9.1%

4. Hwang Jung-min - 7.5%

5. Jung Woo-sung - 6.2%

6. Gong Yoo - 5.9%

7. Ha Jung-woo - 4.0%

8. Lee Jung-jae - 3.6%

9. Kim Hye-soo - 3.5%

10. Lee Jung-eun - 3.4%

11. Kang Dong-won - 3.3%

12. Sung Dong-il - 2.9%

13. Yoo Ah-in - 2.7%

14. Yoo Hae-jin, Kwak Do-won - 2.4%

16. Son Ye-jin - 2.0%

17. Hyun Bin - 1.9%

18. Sol Kyung-gu - 1.6%

19. Choi Min-sik - 1.5%

20. Ahn Sung-ki, Jo Jung-suk - 1.4%

22. Lee Je-hoon, Han Suk-kyu, Park Bo-gum, Joo Ji-hoon - 1.3%

26. Jo Yeo-jung, Jo Jin-woong - 1.1%

28. Park Seo-joon, Jo In-sung, Jang Dong-gun - 1.0%





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Source: https://www.gallup.co.kr/gallupdb/reportContent.asp?seqNo=1161


Koreans surveyed on their favorite TV Stars who shined


Gallup Korea "TV Stars Who Shined the Year of 2020”

1. Kim Hee-ae - 9.4%

2. Park Bo-gum - 7.6%

3. Hyun Bin - 6.5%

4. Park Seo-joon - 5.9%

5. Son Ye-jin - 4.6%

6. Suzy - 4.3%

7. Jeon In-hwa - 4.1%

8. Cha Hwa-yeon, Gong Yoo - 3.2%

10. Gong Hyo-jin- 3.0%

11. Kim Soo-hyun, Jo Jung-suk- 2.8%

13. Cheon Ho-jin - 2.5%

14. Lee Min-jung, Choi Bool-am - 2.2%

16. Kim Hye-soo, Kang Ha-neul - 2.0%

18. Lee Sang-yeob, Go Doo-shim - 1.8%

20. Lee Dong-wook - 1.6%

21. Kim Seon-ho, Jung Bo-seok, Han Suk-gyu - 1.5%

24. Kwon Sang-woo - 1.4%

25. Kim Hee-sun, Kim Hae-sook, Lee Yoo-ri, Kim Hye-ja - 1.3%

29. Seo Ye-ji - 1.2%

30. Nam Joo-hyuk - 1.1%

31. Jung Hae-in, Go Ara, Yoo Ah-in, Jo Seung-woo - 1.0%







1. Choi Soo-jong (Dae Jo-yeong) 23.3%

2. Bae Yong-joon (TWSSG) - 18.8%

3. Song Il-kook (Jumong)  - 18.1%

4. Lee Seo-jin (Yi San) - 3.5%

5. Kim Tae-hee - 2.8%



1. Kim Myung-min (Beethoven Virus) - 15.6%

2. Song Seung-hun (East of Eden) - 10.6%

3. Moon Geun-young (Painter of the Wind) - 9.8%

4. Song Il-kook (Kingdom of the Winds) - 8.8%

5. Choi Jin-sil (Last Scandal) - 8.1%



1. Go Hyun-jung (Queen Seondeok) - 38.4%

2. Lee Byung-hun (IRIS) - 20.5%

3. Kim Tae-hee (IRIS) - 16.3%

4. Lee Yo-won (Queen Seondeok) - 8.4%

5. Kim Hye-soo (Style) - 4.1%



1. Go Hyun-jung (Daemul) - 29.5%

2. Kim Nam-joo (Queen of Housewives/Reversals) - 6.5%

2. Lee Beom-soo (Giant) - 6.5%

4. Kwon Sang-woo (Daemul) - 5.1%

5. Hyun Bin (Secret Garden) - 5.0%



1. Hyun Bin (Secret Garden) - 9.2%

2. Han Suk-gyu (Tree with Deep Roots) - 7.1%

3. Kim Tae-hee (My Princess) - 7.0%

4. Soo Ae (A Thousand Days' Promise) - 6.7%

5. Jang Hyuk (Tree with Deep Roots) - 6.1%



1. Song Joong-ki (Nice Guy) - 18.2%

2. Kim Nam-joo (My Husband Got a Family) - 12.9%

3. Yoo Joon-sang (My Husband Got a Family) - 9.5%

4. Kim Soo-hyun (Moon Embracing the Sun) - 8.2%

5. Jang Dong-gun (A Gentleman's Dignity) - 8.1%



1. Lee Bo-young (I Can Hear Your Voice) - 11%

2. Ji Sung (Secret) - 8.1%

3. So Ji-sub (Master of the Sun) - 7.5%

4. Joo Won - 6.6%

5. Lee Jong-suk (I Can Hear Your Voice) - 6.4%



1. Kim Soo-hyun (My Love from the Star) - 19.6%

2. Lee Yoo-ri (Jang Bo-ri is Here!) - 18.2%

3. Jeon Ji-hyun (My Love from the Star) - 17.6%

4. Song Yoon-ah (Mama) - 6.1%

5. Oh Yeon-seo (Jang Bo-ri is Here!) - 5.9%



1. Hwang Jung-eum (She was Pretty, Kill Me Heal Me) - 14.4%

2. Kim Soo-hyun, Jeon Ji-hyun - 10.4%

4. Yoo Ah-in - 9.4%

5. Park Seo-joon (She was Pretty, Kill Me Heal Me) - 7.8%



1. Park Bo-gum (Love in the Moonlight) - 35.2%

2. Song Joong-ki (Descendants of the Sun) - 28.1%

3. Song Hye-kyo (Descendants of the Sun) - 12.6%

4. Kim Yoo-jung (Love in the Moonlight) - 8.2%

5. Jo Jung-suk (Jealousy Incarnate) - 4.6%



1. Song Joong-ki - 17.9%

2. Gong Yoo (Goblin) - 10.1%

3. Song Hye-kyo - 9.5%

4. Park Bo-gum - 8.3%

5. Lee Jong-suk (While You Were Sleeping) - 7.0%



1. Lee Byung-hun (Mr Sunshine) - 12.9%

2. Kim Tae-ri (Mr Sunshine) - 9.0%

3. Jung Hae-in - 8.7%

4. Park Bo-gum - 6.1%

5. Son Ye-jin (Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food) - 5.3%



1. Gong Hyo-jin (When the Camellia Blooms) - 12.4%

2. Kang Ha-neul (When the Camellia Blooms) - 12.0%

3. Go Doo-shim (When the Camellia Blooms) - 7.0%

4. Park Bo-gum (Boyfriend) - 5.0%

5. Gong Yoo, Jung Hae-in - 4.7%



1. Kim Hee-ae (The World of the Married) - 9.4%

2. Park Bo-gum (Record of Youth) - 7.6%

3. Hyun Bin (Crash Landing on You) - 6.5%

4. Park Seo-joon (Itaewon Class) - 5.9%

5. Son Ye-jin (Crash Landing on You) - 4.6%



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Kim Hye Soo and Yum Jung Ah in Talks to Take the Lead in Director Ryoo Seung Wan’s New Film


by krishkim



Credit: News1


Kim Hye Soo and Yum Jung Ah are in talks to play two female leads in director Ryoo Seung Wan’s new film Smuggling (working title).


According to multiple sources, Kim Hye Soo and Yum Jung Ah have been offered to star in director Ryoo Seung Wan’s new film Smuggling and are discussing the details.  Smuggling, which depicts the dark struggle surrounding the smuggling ring, will be released right after Mogadishu.


Director Ryoo finished filming Mogadishu earlier this year and has been speeding up the post-production stage, intending to release the film next year.


While working on the post-production of Mogadishu, director Ryoo worked on the scenario of his new film. Rumor has it that Kim Hye Soo and Yum Jung Ah readily agreed to take part in the project, but their labels haven’t confirmed anything yet. This will be the first time for either of the actresses to work with director Ryoo.


This is the first film in 18 years since the 2002 film No Blood No Tears, starring Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Hye Young, that director Ryoo decided to produce a film with two female characters as the heroes.


Smuggling is scheduled to start filming in June next year after wrapping up pre-production.


Source (1)

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On 11/30/2020 at 6:16 AM, Helena said:

Kim Hye-soo, Yoo Yeon-seok to host 2020 Blue Dragon Awards



‘The Blue Dragon Film Awards’ Postponed to February 9th Due to COVID-19


by willow


The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards, which was temporarily postponed due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 last year, has been confirmed to be held on February 9th.



Credit: Blue Dragon Film Awards


The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards will be held at 9 p.m. KST on February 9th at Incheon Paradise City. Though the event was scheduled to kick off on December 11th last year, it decided to halt for a while, judging that the widespread of COVID-19 could be unsafe.


The Blue Dragon Film Awards, a ceremony that shares its fate with the Korean film industry, will be returning on the first anniversary of Parasite’s conquer in Oscar. There is to be no change in candidates, including the Best Picture Award, the Best Supporting Actor Awards, Rookie Award, and Best Director Award.


Despite the unprecedented pain in the film industry in 2020, more diverse films than ever have been presented to the audience, hinting at a brighter future. The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards plans to do its best to return the rewards and pride to the filmmakers who are fighting to make great works even in times like these.


Furthermore, it is preparing for the award ceremony to be safe, by undertaking social distancing and adhering to government protocols. The stage for the film festival will be available to participate online, instead of interacting face-to-face.


The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards, which will make a new leap forward in the Korean film industry in 2021, will be held at 9 p.m. KST on the 9th of next month at Incheon Paradise City. It will be aired live on SBS and Naver TV.


Source (1)

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No.31 (1995-11-28~1995-12-05)



No.83 (1996-12-17~1996-12-24)




No.137 (1998-01-24~1998-02-10)




No.179 (1998-12-01~1998-12-08)




No.290 (2001-02-20~2001-02-27)




No.307 (2001-06-19~2001-06-26)




No.331 (2001-12-11~2001-12-18) - Kim Hye-soo & director Kim Jee-woon




No.365 (2002-08-13~2002-08-20)




No.370 (2002-09-17~2002-10-01)




No.462 (2004-07-20~2004-07-27)




No.508 (2005-06-21~2005-06-28)




No.561 (2006-07-11~2006-07-18)




No.590 (2007-02-06~2007-02-13)




No.629 (2007-11-20~2007-11-27)




No.670 (2008-09-09~2008-09-23)




No.779 (2010-11-16~2010-11-23)




No.851 (2012-04-24~2012-05-01)




No.863 (2012-07-17~2012-07-24)




No.911 (2013-07-02~2013-07-09)




No.1180 (2018-11-13~2018-11-20)




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