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March 6, 2018


Kim Hye-soo, Ha Jung-woo Honored as Faithful Taxpayers


Source: The ChosunIlbo


Actors Kim Hye-soo and Ha Jung-woo received presidential commendations on Monday for paying their taxes faithfully and serving society through charity work.


They will serve as promotional ambassadors for the National Tax Service for a year.


Ha Jung-woo (left) and Kim Hye-soo (center) pose with Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon at the annual Taxpayers' Day event in Seoul on Monday. /Newsis

The actors were among some 296 faithful taxpayers rewarded by the NTS at the annual Taxpayers' Day event in Seoul.

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November 24, 2010 [PREVIEW] Film "Villain and Widow" Reporter: Choi Ji-Eun five @ Editor: Heidi Kim heidikim @ <Ⓒ 10Asia All rights reserved> 10Asia Film "2 Story House" [sidus FHN]

March 6, 2018   Kim Hye-soo, Ha Jung-woo Honored as Faithful Taxpayers   Source: The ChosunIlbo   Actors Kim Hye-soo and Ha Jung-woo received presidential commendations o

EVENT: Quick Poll: Strong Female Leads in Dramas   Chingus, a new Quick Poll is up. Vote for your favorite strong and inspiring female leads     Your Event Organizers, @

May 26, 2018


May Female Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed


Source: Soompi by E. Cha


The Korean Business Research Institute has announced this month’s brand reputation rankings for female advertisement models!


The rankings were determined through an analysis of consumer behavior using big data collected from April 25 to May 26. The Korean Business Research Institute evaluated the participation, communication, media, and social values of 50 female advertisement models in order to calculate each star’s total brand reputation index for May.


IU rose to the top of this month’s rankings with a brand reputation index of 1,437,201, marking a significant 125.48 percent increase in her score since April.


High-ranking phrases in IU’s keyword analysis included “difficult,” “controversial,” and “shocking.” Her positivity-negativity analysis revealed a score of 49.26 percent positive reactions.


Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna claimed second place on May’s list with a brand reputation index of 1,033,015. The popular athlete enjoyed a 136.7 percent increase in her score since April.


AOA’s Seolhyun took third place this month, with her brand reputation index rising 133.41 percent since April to a score of 921,898.


Check out the top 30 below!


1. IU
2. Kim Yuna
3. AOA’s Seolhyun
4. Son Ye Jin
5. Red Velvet’s Irene
6. Jo Bo Ah
7. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA
8. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon
9. Han Chae Ah
10. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri
11. 9MUSES’ Kyungri
12. Suzy
13. Park Na Rae
14. Han Hye Jin
15. Lee Sung Kyung
16. Jung Yoo Mi
17. Apink’s Bomi
18. gugudan’s Kim Sejeong
19. Apink’s Son Naeun
20. Kim Tae Hee
21. Go Jun Hee
22. Kim Hye Soo
23. Kim Tae Ri
24. Seo Ye Ji
25. DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon
26. Kim Go Eun
27. Go Ara
28. Ahn So Hee
29. Ji Woo
30. Kim So Hee

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July 26, 2018


HWANG Jung-min and KIM Hye-soo Suit Up for RETURN
Stars Line Up for JK YOUN’s Space Rescue Drama


by Pierce Conran / KoBiz




Stars HWANG Jung-min and KIM Hye-soo are set to feature side by side in blockbuster filmmaker JK YOUN’s upcoming space rescue drama Return (translated title). JK Film, the production company behind the film, announced on July 5 that the actors will take on the lead roles in the heartbreaking story of an astronaut who is stranded in Korea’s first space station following an accident.


Box office magnet HWANG has featured in several hits of late, including YOUN’s previous film Ode to My Father (2014), RYOO Seung-wan’s Veteran (2015) and LEE Il-hyung’s A Violent Prosecutor (2016).


KIM is one of the top actresses in the country and has recently featured in hits such as CHOI Dong-hoon’s The Thieves (2012) and HAN Jun-hee’s Coin Locker Girl (2015). HWANG previously played a supporting role in the KIM Hye-soo drama My 11th Mother (2007) but this will be the first both play lead roles opposite each other.


Director YOON made history in 2014 when he became the first Korean filmmaker to helm two films that welcomed over ten million admissions when the epic drama Ode to My Father soared to 14.26 million viewers. He first breached the mark in 2009 with his disaster drama Haeundae. YOON stated that he visualized both HWANG and KIM as he wrote the screenplay.


Return is one of three space-set dramas that have been announced in recent weeks, alongside The Moon, a project to be helmed by Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) filmmaker KIM Yong-hwa and Lightning Arc, a new film by A Werewolf Boy (2012) director JO Sung-hee.


Once casting is complete, Return will kick off production during the second half of this year before finding its way to theaters at some point in 2019.

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September 27, 2018


Actress Kim Hye-soo kicks off ‘No Plastic’ challenge

Actress Kim Hye-soo kicked off the “No Plastic” challenge Thursday, a campaign against plastic use launched by SBS’ social media channel Videomug.


The veteran actress, who was chosen as the opening act of the campaign, appeared on SBS’ nighttime news program Tuesday and shared tips with viewers on how to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life.




During the interview, Kim used a tumbler instead of a plastic cup when ordering a drink and discussed the issue of rising sea levels and excessive packaging.


Kim also singled out fellow actor and actress Jung Woo-sung and Han Ji-min to help promote the campaign with their celebrity status.


“I know (you two) are interested in this kind of issue. Since we have an opportunity, please join us,” Kim said to the camera.


Beginning with the first episode with Kim, Videomug will continue its “No Plastic” campaign with other celebrities.


By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com) // OSEN // TV Report





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Photo: CINE21


December 2, 2017


Kim Hye Soo, Yoo Ah In, Vincent Cassel And Heo Jun Ho Cast For Upcoming Film

Source: Soompi by S. Park


A new film about the Korean economic crisis will begin filming with a stellar cast featuring Kim Hye Soo, Yoo Ah In, Heo Jun Ho, Jo Woo Jin, and French actor Vincent Cassel.




The film, “The Day the Country Went Bankrupt” (literal title) will take place in 1997 during the IMF crisis and will tell the story of a week before the country is to go bankrupt. It will tell the story through several characters who are trying to stop the crisis and those who are betting on it for their personal gains.


Kim Hye Soo, Yoo Ah In, Vincent Cassel And Heo Jun Ho Cast For Upcoming Film


Actress Kim Hye Soo will play the role of Han Si Hyun, the task force team leader of the monetary policy team at the Bank of Korea. She will use her rational judgment and strong convictions to find solutions to the problem, but will face difficulties due to the system of power.

Yoo Ah In has been cast to play the role of Yoon Jung Hak, a finance man who bets everything on the national bankruptcy as the chance of a lifetime, and tell the story alongside Kim Hye Soo.


Heo Jun Ho will also appear in this film as an ordinary breadwinner named Gap Soo, who desperately tries to save his company and family through this unpredicted crisis. Jo Woo Jin will appear as a character who constantly butts heads with Han Si Hyun on the methods to go about in managing the crisis.


French actor Vincent Cassel will appear on a Korean film for the first time and will portray the director of the IMF who comes to Korea. This historic film with an star-studded cast will begin filming in December.


Source (1)



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October 24, 2018


’Default’ to relive one of Korea’s worst nightmares


To many everyday people in Korea, 1997 is remembered as one of the worst years of their lives. The economy crumbled before their eyes. Banks collapsed, prices rose and jobs vanished into thin air at the height of the Asian financial crisis.


“Default,” an upcoming drama directed by Choi Kook-hee, looks behind the events that unfolded in Korea as the country hit its lowest point financially in its modern history.


“1997 marked a turning point for Korea’s modern society, and it still affects our lives today. I wanted to tell a story of the people living in those times,” said Choi at a press conference for the film in Seoul on Wednesday. “Some tried to stop it, some tried to make the best of the situation and bet on it. I wanted to tell the tales of those who lived fiercely.”


“Default” (CJ Entertainment)


The flick stars two of the hottest stars in Korean cinema today: Yoo Ah-in as former banker Yun Jeong-hak, who tries to use the economic crisis as an investment opportunity, and Kim Hye-soo as Han Shi-heyon, an official from the Bank of Korea who is a person of principle trying to do what is right.


“As an actor, it is not often that you get to show a completely new side to the audience,” said Yoo about his character. 


“For the audience, I think it will be a chance to see a more human side of actor Yoo Ah-in,” he said, adding that people will be able to sympathize with his character.



“Default” (CJ Entertainment)

“When I read the script, I felt my blood pumping through my veins. Even though I was an adult at the time, these are sides (of the economic crisis) I had been unaware of,” said Kim, adding that her character is one with passion and conviction in her heart. “If there had been more people living by their principles, no matter the situation, I wonder how it would’ve been for us back then.”


At the other end of the spectrum is the vice minister of finance played by Jo Woo-jin, another person with strong principles who differs with Han in how to deal with the crisis.


“He is not a person you would want to root for -- as you’d see in the film -- but his acting sends out such sparks that you cannot but help be captivated,” said Kim on Jo’s acting, indicating he will be the main antagonist in the film.


Another person expected to play a key role is Vincent Cassel, taking on the role of the managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Making his first appearance in a Korean production, his character will present a challenge for the Korean government during the negotiations for the bailout.


“Personally I’m a fan (of Cassell), especially his earlier works. He came to film in the icy winter season, but his professionalism was inspirational,” said director Choi.


The production team said the story was inspired by a single line in a news article that said that a government task force operated specifically for the bailout negotiations. 


While the film mainly focuses on closed-door negotiations, one character expected to be crucial is Heo Joon-ho’s Gab-su, an everyday man trying to make ends meet. 


“It’s overwhelming really, because I can’t really represent the people and I was entrusted with this role. I felt tremendous responsibility when acting,” Heo said. “If we had not had such pain (back then) would there still be today? Rather than hide our painful past, I think it is better to make it a stepping-stone (for the future).”


The film opens in theaters on Nov.28.

By Yoon Min-sik (minsikyoon@heraldcorp.com)

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October 28, 2018


'Default' brings back economic nightmare

Actress Kim Hye-soo, second from left, other cast members and director Choi Kook-hee, center, of the upcoming film "Default," pose during a recent press conference at a CGV in southern Seoul. / Courtesy of CJ ENM


By Park Jin-hai The Korea Times


The Asian Financial Crisis, which first erupted in Thailand in 1997 with the collapse of its currency, the baht, and then rapidly spread to neighboring countries and Korea later in the year, wreaked the worst havoc on the Korean economy.


The economic nightmare still affects people's lives over two decades later. 


The upcoming film "Default," starring veteran actors Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Ah-in, brings Korea's worst financial crisis in recent memory to the silver screen and depicts various people who made different choices when the country's whole economy was in peril. 


It is the first Korean film with the financial crisis as the central theme. 


Kim takes on the lead role of Han Si-hyun, a senior financial analyst at the Bank of Korea who is striving to do the right thing during the seven days before the country declared a liquidity crisis and sought the bailout program from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 


During that time when everybody was upbeat about the economic outlook, Han reads the ominous economic signals and predicts the imminent national crisis looming large. 


The film was inspired by a short news article that said there was a taskforce team that worked behind closed doors during the liquidity crisis. 


Kim, best known for "The Thieves" (2012) and "Coin Locker Girl" (2015), said she felt a rush of excitement when she read the script. 


"As I read through the story, I felt strong feelings that made my heart race. At the time of the crisis, I was an adult, yet I was unaware of many parts of such stories," the 48-year-old veteran actress said. "I came to the conclusion this kind of story should be made into a film so that many people could watch," she added, explaining why she joined the film. 


The film's director Choi Kook-hee said 1997 was a turning point in Korea's modern history. 


"The negotiations with the IMF are not something of the past but still affect many lives. I wanted to let audiences feel the urgency of the time," Choi said. "Some people fight to prevent the crisis, while others try to use the economic catastrophe for their own gains. Some just fiercely ran everywhere to protect their families and companies from the crisis. I wanted to depict all of those people in my film." 


Kim said she liked that her character lives by her principles and beliefs. "When the nation was hit hard by the crisis, Han is the one who goes by the principles and what she believes. I thought to myself what country Korea would be like today, if it had more people like Han back then."


Yoo takes on the role of former banker Yun Jeong-hak, who thinks the crisis is a lifetime chance for investment, while rising actor Jo Woo-jin plays the vice minister of finance, a person colliding with Han in dealing with the crisis.


French star Vincent Cassel will appear in the film as the IMF head to negotiate the bailout with the Korean government. 


The film will hit local theaters on Nov. 28.



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November 19, 2018


'Default' sold to foreign countries before release

SEOUL, Nov. 19 (Yonhap) – The Korean drama film "Default" has been sold to 17 regions, including the United States and Japan, ahead of its premiere in South Korea scheduled for next week, the film's local investor-distributor said Monday.


The movie will make its North American debut on Nov. 30 in the U.S., two days after it opens in South Korea, and will debut in Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia in mid-December.


It will also be released in Hong Kong and Macao in January and in Japan in the second half of next year, CJ Entertainment said.


Directed by Choi Kook-hee, the film takes a look back at a difficult time for South Korea when the country was on the verge of bankruptcy during the 1997 Asian financial crisis. It stars Kim Hye-soo, Cho Woo-jin, Yoo Ah-in and Huh Joon-ho. French actor Vincent Cassel plays the role of the managing director of the International Monetary Fund.


A still from "Default" (Yonhap)

A still from "Default" (Yonhap)



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November 20, 2018


Korean Film About 1997 Financial Crisis Sold to 17 Countries


Source: The Chosun Ilbo



The much-anticipated Korean financial flick "Default" has been sold to 17 countries ahead of its release here. The countries include Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and the U.S.


The film's cast includes not only top stars Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Ah-in but also French actor Vincent Cassel, who is making his first appearance in a Korean movie.


Set during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the film dramatizes the back-room negotiations between the International Monetary Fund and Korean officials that led to the IMF's bailout of the country.


"Default" is scheduled to hit local theaters on Nov. 28. It will be released in the U.S. on Nov. 30, in Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan in December, and in Hong Kong and Macau in January next year.


Source: CINE21

Image may contain: 4 people

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