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[Movie 2006] War of Flower



Sept 28, 2006

Another Cerebral Treat From Choi Dong-hoon

If you expect the extreme logic and totally absorbing force of "The Big Swindle" from director Choi Dong-hoon's new work "War of Flower" you will be disappointed. But the new film is still engaging enough to prove an intellectual talent rare in Korea's Hollywood Chungmuro. A gripping combination of crime thriller and gambling movie, "War of Flower" released on Thursday pieces together into a complicated puzzle. The director's taste for a brain teaser rather than melodrama is again evident in this gripping film, and viewers will be grateful for that.


A poster for "War of Flower"

After losing all his money including his sister's dowry in a card game, Goni (Cho Seung-woo) meets the legendary flower card master Pyeong Gyeong-jang (Paek Yoon-shik). The famous gambler is afraid of nothing if he has 48 flower cards with him. Determined to stop gambling when he makes five times as much money as the dowry he lost, Goni starts to learn the skills. But he breaks his word after being seduced by casino hostess Jeong (Kim Hye-soo).

The first half part of the two-and-a-half-hour movie based on a series of comic books by Huh Young-man makes viewers feel breathless just to keep up with all the new characters introduced -- this may be because even the rather long running time is not enough time to render life as vividly as the original -- but the second half is unbearably suspenseful even for readers of the original comic books. It may be the director's talent to put the jigsaw together piece by piece, but it is the actors who give life to the story. Cho Seung-woo's acting is somewhat repetitive and standard as young Goni, but as he grows into a flower card master, he shows he has the potential to become a master at his own craft one day.

And no one could have played a femme fatale better than Kim Hye-soo, who pours all she has into playing the hostess, whose role is bigger than in the original. Yoo Hae-jin also shows himself indispensable in a part that breaks the tension with his talkativeness and dissimulation at critical moments in the film. In a scene where he kisses a bar hostess seduced in a dark shabby theater in the neighborhood, his acting reaches the level of high art. Paek Yoon-shik, already an established character actor with his role in "The Big Swindle," once again proves that he is unrivaled at playing the shark. You will know what "electric" means when you hear him threaten someone, and see his expression at the last, life-or-death game.

Source: englishnews@chosun.com


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Oct 10, 2006

How to Get Away With a Posh Spice Bob

It would be no exaggeration to say that the appearance of Posh Spice -- Victoria Beckham on the dotted line -- in bobbed hair was a watershed to style journalism. Fashion columnists in the U.K., the U.S. and Spain praised her "innovative sense" in breaking, as it were by example, the news that bobbed hair will be the hot trend this season. The hairdo she traded for her trademark waist-long locks was duly christened the "POB" or Posh Bob, and around the world rich tresses fell under cruel scissors in imitation of the Footballer's Wife. In Korea, the actress Kim Hye-soo went all the way, while the more timid Jang Jin-young and Nam Sang-mi plumbed for a voluminous and crisp medium-length bob. Bada, the K-pop star, wears a variant that looks a little boyish and rough.


From left: Victoria Beckham, Kim Hye-soo, Nam Sang-mi and Jang Jin-young


Time was a hair style had to be imitated down to the last wisp. No longer. Today, we adapt the example set by the great and good -- Jackie O. then, Victoria B. now -- to suit our facial shape and hair quality. As an example not to follow, look no further than Lee Hyo-lee when she shed her locks. Some die-hards muttered she looked kind of "fresh" in her bob, but it would not catch, and soon she had re-grown her ample curls for commercials or music videos. There is a lesson in that: even a superstar like Lee can't just get away with any hairstyle. When it comes to bobs, one centimeter can make a world of difference, and a stylist's final touch can instantly change the overall impression. That is why it is so important to find the right style for you.

Start from the classic bobbed hairstyle beloved of female anchors and work from there. Adapt it to your own needs, for example, by having it shorter in the back, arranging it around your ears or wearing it banged in various ways.

Plump Up the Volume

Lesson 1: it must not droop. Voluminous hair is in, the wet poodle is out. Combine the reticence of the 1990s with the classical curls of the 1800s. What have you got? Neo Baroque, under the influence of the Belle Epoque. It is rich, original and elegant. In bob terms, that means 5 cm down from the ears, because that will obviate the need for excessive styling. If the hair reaches the shoulders, the key to making it look good is to have it layered so that it can blow gently in the breeze.

Match It to Your Face

Since the hairstyle determines 70 percent of the first impression, it is important to have a style that goes well with the shape of your face. Jung Jun, the head of Ra Beauty Core, says the most important thing is to make the face look oval. Those with a triangular face will therefore look better when the hair is styled so it extends on the outside and the fringe is cut straight to cover the forehead, which makes the face look shorter. Conversely, those with short forehead and a long chin need to hide chin. Parting the hair diagonally creates a cute look, while a slightly off-kilter fringe adds gentleness.

Source: englishnews@chosun.com


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Oct 23, 2006

"War of Flower" Enters Box-office's Top-10


The movie "War of Flower," based on the same-titled cartoon by cartoonist Heo Young-man, has joined the ranks of top-10 domestic movies.

Since its opening September 28, the film had drawn 5.68 million viewers as of October 22, according to its distributor, CJ Entertainment, surpassing the number of viewers drawn by "Married to Mafia" (5.66 million). If the film's popularity remains as high, it will likely even outperform "Joint Security Area," which is currently ranked ninth at 5.83 million viewers.

Viewers have been raving about the film for the stunning acting of its lead actress Kim Hye-soo and the impressive directing skills of director Choi Dong-hoon.

Another film, "Radio Star" by director Lee Jun-ik, which opened October 19, has also gained enormous popularity through word-of-mouth and is about to record its two millionth viewer. The film's distributor, Cinema Service, says the film ranks second or third among domestic movies in terms of booking rate.

Source: KBS Global


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Full list of winners & award recipients at the 14th Chunsa Film Festival, thanks to homura at 'King and the Clown' movie thread


The AWARD WINNERS of the 14th Chunsa Film Festival


* Best Film : Hanbando / 한반도

* Best Director : Kang Woo-seok (Hanbando) / 강우석

* Best Actor : Gam Woo-sung (Jangsaeng - King and the Clown) / 감우성

* Best Actress : Kim Hye-soo (The War of Flowers) / 김혜수

* Best Supporting Actor : Jang Hang-seon (Cheoson - King and the Clown) / 장항선

* Best Supporting Actress : Kim Su-mi (Barefoot Gi bong) / 김수미

* Jury' special award = Park Jung-hoon (Radio Star) / 박중훈

* Best Producer = Choi Yong-bae (The Host) / 최용배

* Best Script = Jang Min-seok, Park Eun-young (Our Happy Time) . 장민석, 박은영

* Best Cinematography = Yun Hong-sik (Blue Swallow) / 윤홍식

* Best Lighting = Yi Gang-san (The Host) / 이강산

* Best Music = Yi Dong-jun (Lump Sugar) / 이동준

* Best Sound Effect = Kim Seok-won (Hanbando) / 김석원

* Best Visual Effect = Jang Hee-chol (The Host) / 장희철

* Best Costume = Kwon Yu-jin (Blue Swallow) / 권유진

* Best Film Editing = Shin Min-gyeong (The War of Flowers) / 신민경

* Best New Director = Yi Hwan-gyeong (Lump Sugar) / 이환경

* Best New Actor = Eom Tae-woong (Family Tie) / 엄태웅

* Best New Actress = Yi Bo-yeong (A Dirty Carnival) / 이보영

* Hallyu Culture Award = Lee Byeong-hun(이병헌), Jang Seo-hee(장서희), Jeong Chang-hwa(정창화)

* Most Popular Actor = Kim Seung-woo (Woman on the Beach) / 김승우

* Most Popular Actress = Kim Hye-soo (The War of Flowers) / 김혜수

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Nov 10, 2006

Kim Hye-soo Selected Best Actress by Aspiring Actors


Actress Kim Hye-soo has been selected the best actress by aspiring actors.

The results of a survey conducted on students majoring in filmmaking and education at 27 universities in October by the movie weekly "Movie Week" showed that Kim topped the poll.

The respondents said that would want to be cast in movies directed by Kim, if the actress ever becomes a film director.

Kim, who received 116 votes out of the total of 947, fully displayed her abilities in her latest movie "War of Flower."

Source: KBS Global


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Nov 21, 2006

The Secrets of A Movie Star's Hair


Actress Kim Hye-soo is on everyone's radar again, though this time not because of her provocative, glamorous fashion, but because of the chic hairstyle she's been sporting as a femme fatal casino hostess in the hit film "War of Flower." The Chosun Ilbo asked hairstylist Min Sang, who created Kim's hairstyle, to share his secrets.

Kim has the classic round face, typical in Asia and strikingly effective in the movie, with her bobbed hair making her face look sharp, slick and sophisticated. Her hairstyle has quickly become the most requested style for most women visiting hair salons for the autumn season.

Every woman dreams of having shiny, healthy hair like in the movies, though in reality few women are so lucky. Most Asians in fact do not have naturally straight hair, and today few of them have time to dry their hair naturally without a hairdryer. Hair today gets damaged more easily with little time to care for it properly, resulting in brittleness and split ends.

Taking care presents as big a challenge as taking care of skin or body figure. Particularly in the case of dry, curly hair, the effort required is doubled. A worthwhile introduction therefore for those with hair of this kind is a perm called "magic straight." Many of us have had a perm at least once in our lives, but it is less popular in light of the time it takes -- some four to five hours to complete, harming the hair more than with other treatments. Another reason is that the perm gives a strong impression that it is artificially styled, which goes against the current trend of emphasizing naturalness. Another draw back is that the procedure doesn’t make thin hair voluminous.


1. Kim Hye-soo with the bobbed hairstyle she wore in the movie "War of Flower." It is well-suited to the femme fatale character she plays. 2. Kim Hye-soo poses for the film’s posters. 3. Self-portrait by Kim Hye-soo while hairdresser Min Sang works on her bob 4. Hairdresser Min Sang puts the finishing touches to Kim Hye-soo's hair.

Kim's hairstyle in "War of Flower" is designed to create a flowing voluminous hairstyle by complimenting these defects of the magic straight perm. It straightens hair, transforming it into a bob-style with a C-shaped curve at the end. It is just the right style for those who have fluffy curly hair but want a style that makes them look sharp and sophisticated. It is particularly effective for those with a round face, as it makes the face look smaller. Also it costs relatively little and requires less time, doesn't cause much damage to the hair and is easy to take care of.

With the passage of time, the standards of beauty and desire have evolved. For a decade between 1985 and 1995, it was the face that was most important, until the figure took over for five years until 2000. Since then, the hairstyle has been considered one of the most important elements in beauty.

Source: englishnews@chosun.com


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Stars at Blue Dragon Film Awards

SEOUL, Dec. 16 (Yonhap) -- Kim Hye-soo, the glamorous heroine in "War of Flower" won the coveted best actress award in the 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards while An Seong-ki and Park Choong-hoon shared the best actor award for their movie "Radio Star."

Bong Joon-ho's "The Host" which broke the record of 12.3 million viewers swept six categories of the prestigious film award held at the KBS Hall in Seoul on Dec. 16, including the best film and the most viewed film awards.

"The Host," Bong's third film, revolves around a five-member family running a kiosk along Seoul's Han River, whose life is changed when a monster shatters the tranquility of the riverside and takes away the family's only daughter.

The monster was created by toxic fluid poured into Seoul's Han River on the orders of a U.S. Army scientist.

Source: Yonhap News

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Wow...the hot babe Kim Hye Soo..congratz to the Best Actress !!

I've seen her movies and can't wait to watch 'War Of Flower'..

(heard that JDG was offered the leading role.. :sweatingbullets: )

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Kim Hye-soo's sex appeal beams in comedy film

Strangely, Kim Hye-soo's beautiful face and curvaceous figure have not delivered box-office success for the actress. Her bold - and revealing - role in "Hypnotized" did not impress moviegoers in 2004. Nor did a tour de force performance in 2005's horror flick "The Red Shoes."

However, a much-awaited turning point came in 2006 when Kim played a voluptuous character in director Choi Dong-hoon's "Tazza: The High Rollers," a highly successful gambling flick. Both critics and mainstream viewers praised Kim's dauntless yet sensual portrayal of a gambling hostess, and her silver screen value soared.

As if her sexy image-making on the silver screen was not enough, Kim is doing it all again with a similarly sensuous role in "A Day for an Affair," a black comedy depicting two homemakers embroiled in extramarital affairs. Jang Moon-il, who made the lighthearted comedy "The Happy Funeral Director" in 2000, directs the film.


Kim Hye-soo at the showcase of "A Day for an Affair"

on Thursday. [Yang Sung-jin/The Korea Herald]

In "A Day for an Affair," to be released on Feb. 8, Kim plays E-seul, a freewheeling and adventure-seeking married woman who is having an affair with a college boy played by Lee Min-ki. E-seul does not hesitate in pursuing a relationship with the young man, though the age gap is more than 10 years. Rather she takes the lead in cultivating and deepening the affair with him.

Thanks to a recent flood of immoral relationships romanticized by mainstream filmmakers, Kim's role seems unlikely to provoke uproar from conservative viewers. But perhaps the opposite might be true; film producers seem to assume that a strong sexual presence offered by a famous actress such as Kim might boost ticket sales.

The stakes are high for iFilm which produces its eighth film "A Day for an Affair." The production house is a unit of Sidus HQ, an entertainment company which has an envious lineup of top-rated Korean Wave stars including Kim Hye-soo, Jeon Do-youn, Jung Woo-sung and Jun Ji-hyun.

iFilm, jointly led by Chung Hun-tak and Oh Ki-min, is yet to produce a major hit. Its key films include "Hypnotized," "Windstruck," "S Diary" and "Sad Movie," but none of them recorded respectable box-office results.

For Kim and iFilm, "Hypnotized" is a bad memory that they want to forget. They vigorously marketed Kim's partial nudity as a key selling point, but no one seemed interested in seeing the 37-year-old's body. Ticket sales fell short of expectations, drawing just 500,000 viewers.

But things might be radically different this time.

No movie expert questions Kim's renewed box-office power following the sizzling success of "Tazza." Kim is regarded as a fashion icon and sex symbol across the country.

The sultry actresses confidence was palpable at the showcase of the new movie held on Thursday. "The movie is dealing with the essential loneliness of human beings, and unlike its light-hearted tone, the theme is serious," Kim told reporters.

Asked why she chose a film involving nudity hot on the heels of her sexy role in "Tazza," Kim said she did not have any intention to star in a film involving nudity. "This film is very different from 'Tazza' in terms of the character I play, and I didn't choose this role because of the nudity."

iFilm is currently trying to secure a film rating for 15-year-olds or older, but due to the adult content involving extramarital affairs between older women and younger men, it is widely expected to end up with an 18-and-over rating.

Kim, who made her big-screen debut with "Kkambo" in 1986, stands at 170 centimeters and rarely hesitates to show off her naturally "bootylicious" figure. Thanks to bold posturing, photographers frantically rush to capture her image whenever she appears in a revealing dress at film award ceremonies and other public events.

The actress is also defying the ageist film market convention. Normally, actresses who have passed a certain age no longer land offers from star directors, but Kim - like her character E-seul in "A Day for an Affair" - seems to be breaking all the rules.


By Yang Sung-jin

Source: The Korea Herald


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Jan 23, 2007

No Rest for Kim Hye-soo After Blue Dragon Award

Kim Hye-soo, who won the Best Actress Award at the 27th Blue Dragon Film Award for her role as the femme fatale hostess in “War of Flowers,” is poised to show another side of her in her new film “A Good Day to Have an Affair.”

The recently released trailers alone are sensational enough. She plays a married woman who has an affair with a younger man to distract herself from her daily life, all the while swearing to her husband that he is the only one she loves. She thinks she knows how to deal with a man and thus betrays no sense of guilt when she lies on the bed with her lover clad only in a black slip. After all, love is shameless.


The film failed to get a “G” rating at the first deliberation because it contains a bed scene and provocative kissing. That has drawn a lot of attention to the final deliberation scheduled late this month. Producer i Film are bracing themselves for a possible “R” rating rather than promoting it.


But it seems nothing can stop Kim from working. She will appear in director Chung Yoon-cheol’s “Isn’t It Good?” as a jobless woman. Her role was supposed to be a cameo, but rumor has been that scenes with her were so enticing the director gave her more.

With no time for a break after “A Good Day to Have an Affair,” she has already started shooting “11th Mother,” where she plays a prostitute, a complex part requiring both sexiness and maternal instinct. It will be exciting to see what she does next.

Source: englishnews@chosun.com


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for those interested in dling the trailer for "A Nice Day to Have an Affair":

the official hp of the movie is: http://www.baram2007.co.kr

what was handed out at the movie showcase last week:


one of the posters for the movie:


the cast of "A Nice Day to Have an Affair" were recently on SBS Yashimmanman (1/21/07)

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