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Kahi Reveals Her Thoughts on After School's Graduation System

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Kahi revealed her thoughts on her previous girl group After School's graduation system on "Beatles Code 3D". 

She admitted that she only found out about After School's entrance and graduation system after she debuted with the Pledis girl group. It was only after Uee joined the group that she realized that her group "had such a concept."

When Mir asked her "what if the new members get more recognition and popularity," she answered by saying, "it is really a shame to see only a few new members get popular while some other members who have been there since the beginning don't get the same recognition."

She added that due to the entrance and graduation system, the group lacks the "together until the end" mindset which many other groups have with its members. She pointed out the lack of group spirit as a shortcoming.

However, she also pointed out the possible longevity of the group as a pro, saying, "After School will go on forever. Even when I become old and have kids, After School will be there."

Kahi on Beatles Code

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