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Infinite's Woohyun and Sungyeol Are Rivals in Upcoming Drama, "High School"

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It looks like we will see Infinite members Nam Woohyun and Lee Sungyeol go head-to-head as they become rivals in the upcoming KBS drama "High School" (tentative title) which is set to air around end of May.

"High School" is a teen fantasy drama about the complicated love and coming-of-age of two pure, hot-blooded youth, and an angel who became human to save a male student who was in trouble.

Onscreen, Nam Woohyun and Lee Sungyeol will become "Shin Woo Hyun" and "Hwang Sung Yeol,"respectively, who are friends in high school but become rivals as they compete with each other because of love.

Nam Woohyun will play the role of "Shin Woo Hyun," a guy who looks rough and arrogant on the outside but is actually a pure and warm guy. He lives with his grandmother and manages a snack shop. Because of his good looks and excellent singing voice, he is always very popular with the girls. He doesn't believe in love because of his parents who gave him away but as he meets the angel "Seul Bi," he starts to open his eyes to true love.

Lee Sungyeol, on the other hand, will play the role of "Hwang Sung Yeol", a "mother's friend's son" or what could be said as the perfect guy. He studies really well and is good at sports too; there's nothing that he can't do. Compared with Shin Woo Hyun who moves first with his heart, he is the guy who acts with his mind as he plans everything ahead and is obsessed with not giving up easily. After knowing that Shin Woo Hyun's real mother is his new mother, he starts competing with him.

According to a representative from the production, they will explore a new style of youth drama for the 20-episode series. "While the drama depicts the worries and love stories of the youth, it will not only stimulate the emotions of the viewers but also show that we worry about realistic problems in school and home together with them (the viewers) and even form sympathy towards the parents' generation."

It will be very interesting to see these two in a drama! Who's looking forward to see this series? 

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