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T.O.P: "We Have to Release an Album Soon to Stay Alive"

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BIGBANG's charming rapper T.O.P has given us the latest updates on the group's upcoming album.

During a recent interview with MBC's "Section TV," the star discussed his activities in the film industry, but also shared a few words about the highly anticipated album. 

About his next project, he revealed, "I have been shooting a movie titled "War of Flowers 2" (Tazza 2).

He further hinted at the nearing release of their new album, "BIGBANG's album will probably come out during the second half of the year."

As the group members have been teasing the fans for a few months now, reporter Park Seul Gi asked T.O.P, "A lot of people are waiting, and I wonder if the album will really be released?"

Joking, T.O.P responded, "If we want to live and survive, we have to release it," but continued with a more serious tone, "Because there are a lot of people waiting, we should come back as soon as possible."

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