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"Infinity Challenge" Starts Off with Somber Opening in Respect to the Victims of the Sewol Ferry Accident

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Unlike the usual loud and energetic team, members of MBC's "Infinity Challenge" opened the May 3 show with a very somber mood. The members, all dressed in black suits, sported yellow ribbons that signified hope for the safe return of all the victims of the Sewol ferry accident. As the variety show had been postponed for two weeks due to the accident, the "Infinity Challenge" members greeted viewers with a 90 degree bow.

yoo jae suk

Furthermore, MC Yoo Jae Suk expressed, "The nation is regretful towards the unbelievable tragedy. We bow our heads and hope that our broadcast will comfort the families who are having a difficult time due to the Sewol ferry accident. As a member of this nation, our 'Infinity Challenge' team is also regretful of this situation. We are sorry that the adults could not protect the children. We believe that although it is tough, we should gain a bit of strength and comfort each other. We also would like to thank all those who are taking part in the rescue operations as they work non-stop day and night. We wish that such tragedy will not occur again due to human negligence. We will do our best in our own positions to help give strength. We pray that those whose lives were lost due to this accident will rest in peace."

On this day, "Infinity Challenge" broadcasted an episode with the subject of choosing which member will lead the future of the show. Although a comedic variety show, it was evident that the Sewol ferry tragedy had deeply affected the nation.

We hope that those working on the rescue mission will be safe, and we send our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and all those who were involved. May the lives that were lost rest in peace.


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