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Photos of Kim Hye Soo During Her School Days Revealed

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On May 3, during SBS’s “Did You Eat?” past photos of Kim Hye Soo were revealed.

For this episode, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Young Ja and Im Ji Ho visited the Gwansado campus.

Lee Young Ja asked Kim Hye Soo, “What kind of a girl were you when you were little? Were you good at your studies?” Then, Kim Hye Soo answered by saying, “Are there people who aren’t good at studying in elementary school?”

Upon hearing her answer, Lee Young Ja said, “Me,” and Kim Hye Soo added on by saying, “Me too,” making everyone laugh.

Lee Young Ja continued by saying, “I feel like you were tall and pretty too,” and Kim Hye Soo replied by saying, “I wasn’t. I was short. I was just an ordinary girl. My mental age was younger than most that were my age and I was kind of gloomy.”

While they were discussing Kim Hye Soo’s past, her past photos were revealed. In the revealed pictures, Kim Hye Soo showed a glamorous beauty like the beautiful woman she is. When she was younger, rather than a glamorous charm, the young and innocent charm was bigger.

Check out her glamorous photo below!

kim hye soo

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