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2PM's Junho Considers Role Offer in Movie "Twenty"

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It will be a busy year for 2PM's Junho if he decides to take on the role of Kim Woo Bin's friend in the upcoming movie "Twenty".

The singer-actor just finished filming "Memories of the Sword," a period drama film starring Lee Byung Hun and directed by Park Heung Shik. He is currently carefully examining materials for his next project while preparing for the upcoming 2PM comeback and his upcoming solo tour in Japan this summer. 

While some reports say that Junho has accepted the role in the movie "Twenty" already according to movie insiders, a representative from JYP Entertainment confirmed in a phone interview with TV Report that Junho is still considering the offer.

"It's true that Junho got an offer for a role in 'Twenty' but there's nothing definite yet. We're considering a number of other projects and 'Twenty' is just one of those."

If Junho will take the offer, he will play Kim Woo Bin's friend who has a unique personality in the movie. 

Last year, Junho showed his acting chops when he played the role of a detective, "Squirrel," in the movie, "Cold Eyes," where he acted alongside character actors Sul Kyung Goo, Jung Woo Sung, and Han Hyo Joo. Then rookie actor Junho proved his potential as he showed a strong presence even with a small role in the film. 

"Twenty" is the story of the love and friendship of three 20-year-old boys. The movie is the newest project of actor turned director Lee Byung Hun who also worked with Junho in the independent film, "Cheer Up, Mr. Lee" last year.

Poised to be the male version of the movie, "Singles," fans are anticipating the dialogue among the male characters that will be played by Kim Woo Bin and Junho.

"Twenty" will start filming in the summer and premier in the later half of the year.

Meanwhile, Junho will have his second solo Japanese tour on July, starting with a two-day concert in Sapporo on July 3-4.

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