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Cha Seung Won Will Be Making TV and Movie Comeback at the Same Time

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With the news of Cha Seung Won making a TV and movie comeback, the expectations of his fans are rising.

On May 7, Cha Seung Won will be making a comeback through SBS’s new drama, “You’re All Surrounded.” “You’re All Surrounded” is based on the Seoul Gangnam Police Station where it shows how the four members of the “Visual Police” mature through many comedic situations. In the drama, Cha Seung Won will be playing the role of Seo Pan Suk, who is the team leader within the investigation department. He is planning on showing his charismatic yet comedic side.

The last time Cha Seung Won appeared in a drama was in 2011 for MBC’s “Greatest Love.” Including “Greatest Love,” Cha Seung Won was always the center of attention in every drama he appeared and through this upcoming drama, he is planning on continuing that legacy.

During June, you will be able to see him in theaters. Cha Seung Won has reunited with director, Jang Jin, after six years and is planning on meeting his fans through the movie, “High Heels,” which is a sentimental noir.

It has been 3 years since he made a comeback through a movie. Last time he appeared in a movie was in 2010 when “Into the Fire” was released. Originally, the filming for “High Heels” finished last year, but due to many circumstances, it has been decided that it would be released this year.

On May 2, the teaser trailer for “High Heels” was released where Cha Seung Won’s funky visual was shown, gaining the attention of many. “High Heels” is a story about a detective named, Ji Wook, who decides to search his true self that he wasn’t able to tell anyone. Unfortunately, right after he makes his decision, he is involved in an important case where he is unable to turn away from his fate.

For the poster of “High Heels,” the various color tones catches the eyes and the dialogue, “In the end, she died within me,” raises the curiosity of the movie. Also, his sad expression while on his knees adds on to the curiosity.

Last summer, due to the issues he had with his son, he stopped all activities and took time off. With the thought of being able to see Cha Seung Won through a drama has raised the interest of many.

Many are hoping that his comeback during May and June will be hit and that will help him recover from what happened last year.

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