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Tickets for C-Clown’s Concert in Japan Are Sold Out

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The new Hallyu group, C-Clown, will be holding a concert in Tokyo and the tickets have been sold out.

According to their agency, Yedang Entertainment, C-Clown’s concert in Japan, “Live Event in Japan,” has been sold out. The concert will be held during June at the Aiia Theater.

Last year, C-Clown held a huge concert in Japan called, “Live Arch.” There were a total of two shows and the tickets to both shows were sold out. This year, they succeeded in selling all the tickets, positioning them as the new Hallyu group within Japan. For this concert, C-Clown is planning on taking a step forward towards the fan. They are planning a variety of programs where there will be a time for an interview and getting the fans involved to enjoy the concert even more.

Last year during August, C-Clown attended the “K-Fest Summer! 2013 in Yokohama” where they grabbed the attention of many Japanese fans. Afterwards, they were the special guests at Japan’s largest K-Pop concert, “Live Arch.” Currently, they have been receiving love calls from huge record and performing companies after the tickets to their concerts have been sold out every time.

Yedang Entertainment said, “C-Clown is rising as the new Hallyu star after putting on various concerts in Japan. We were able to witness C-Clown’s popularity through the selling of the concert tickets, despite of the fact they weren’t promoting anything in Japan.” Continuing on, a staff involved with C-Clown’s Japan concert said, “C-Clown’s special charms and handsome looks are enough to catch the eyes of the Japanese fans. C-Clown’s popularity will increase more and more within Japan.”

Currently, C-Clown has planned to hold a concert at the Aiia Theater on June 21. Afterwards, they are planning on going on a tour to China and South America.

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